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Thursday, 11 February 2016

All about my helix piercing.

Hey whisperers,

One thing i have always loved is piercings, i love how they allow you to be creative and add a little something extra to your body. I know that so many people dislike piercings and i understand i really do but to me i just see them as an extension of someones personality. Growing up my parents never really liked piercings, they still don't. Up until the age of Sixteen the only piercing i had was my lobes which i had done when i was a child at Claire's.

The older i got the more in love i fell with piercings so when i turned Sixteen i finally got my second lobes pierced and ever since then my love for piercings has grown. When i turned 17 i got both my helix and Tragus pierced. I was terrified. 

Helix jewelry-  Blue Banana
Lobe Jewelry- Primark
Piercing Name- Helix/Cartridge
Pierced at- Blue Banana Birmingham
Pierced with- Needle
Age Restrictions- 13 with parent, 16 with ID
Cost- £23

When i went in to get this piercing i was terrified because up until this point the only piercing i had, had was lobes (seen in the picture above). I was pierced with a needle, and the jewelry i was pierced with was a Teflon coated titanium bar, it did cost more for me to have this jewelry but i paid the extra as it is the most safe when healing and i didn't want to risk anything.

Do not get any cartilage pierced with a gun. Getting cartilage pierced with a gun is very risky and can lead to your cartilage shattering, infection and getting it pierced is more painful overall. 

The pain of the piercing is something very hard to describe. I would not say that it was painless but it was not as painful as i had imagined it would be. One thing that i do with all piercings that i want/planning to get is watch people getting them done. I believe that watching someone else get it done helps with the stress of getting a piercing as you are much more prepared for what is going to happen instead of going in blind and having no clue what is going to happen. 

The aftercare of the piercing was pretty simple, i cleaned the piercing twice a day with a sea salt (supplied when i was pierced) and boiled water mix. One thing that i learnt during the after care was to use a small amount of sea salt no more than a pinch as it can very quickly dry out the skin around the piercing. Alongside this when i got my ear pierced i was given a small bottle of  mixed tee tree and almond oil which i used twice a day to help keep away any infections. 

The healing of the piercing was a long process, one thing i have to say is that if you are planning to get this piercing be ready for the healing time. After being pierced my ear was incredibly painful to touch and sleep on so i suggest is getting it on the opposite side that you sleep on. Another thing i found about this piercing is that it is in a difficult place to clean which by looking at the piercing you wouldn't think. My piercing took around 6-8 months to fully heal however, i did change my bar to a ring too early meaning my healing was stunted. 

One problem i had with my piercing was keyloids. Keyloids are when a bump of skin develops on the piercing they can take quite awhile to go down and i had mine for around a month and a half. To treat my keyloids i used a mixture of salt and water to clean them morning and night and around twice a week. I mixed around a teaspoon of salt with a small amount of water to create a paste and applied it to the keyloid for around 10 minuets until it dried and then i washed it off.

Overall i love my helix piercing and i would highly recommend getting it done. However i would suggest getting it pierced with a horseshoe if possible as i have now learnt that it allows more room for swelling and makes cleaning the piercing so much easier. 

I hope that this post has helped you if you were looking into getting your helix pierced. I am also going to be getting my septum pierced soon so let me know in the comments if you would like me to document the process.

If you have any questions i didn't answer in this post  feel free to ask below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer;  i am not a professional, all things spoken about in this post i have learnt from personal experience and other people i know who have had the piercings.

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