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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day- Things to do if you're single on valentines day.

Welcome back, whisperers,

If you're spending today with someone you love i hope today has been amazing for you. I hope you feel the love you deserve and share it with the person you love. 

Today may be a day celebrating love, but just because you don't have a valentines it doesn't mean you aren't loved. 

If you're alone today i know how you feel I'm alone today too but you know what? I'm completely fine with it. I know i'm loved, i have amazing friends and family and i may not have found my perfect match yet but one day i will and so will you. 

I know that scrolling down your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds today you're going to have love thrown right in your face but you're just as loved as any of those people you see posting today. Just because you aren't in a relationship doesn't mean you can't celebrate valentines day. 

These are my top ten things to do when you're single on valentines day

Number one- Take the money you would normally spend on a date and spend it on something you've wanted for awhile but held back on buying. Whether it's a pair of shoes you've been looking at for months or some new makeup you thought was too expensive to buy go for it today you're treating yourself.

Number two- Spend today with some of your single friends. I know sometimes it might seem that you are the only single person in your friendship group but i guarantee that someone you're friends with is single today too. Spend the day shopping together or even stay in together watching films. Valentines day is a day to show you're love to everyone even your friends.

Number three- Pamper yourself, take a nice long bath or shower. Use those bath bombs you've been saving and that bubble bath you've wanted to use but had no time too, because you deserve to relax and take a break from the world ( and all those loved up lovebirds on Instagram too)

Number four- Make a playlist of you're favorite girl power songs to pick you up if you ever fall into the valentines black whole of Instagram ( you know you'll do it at least once today). Playlists are a great thing to have today to take your mind off the loved up couples you see around you. 

Number five- Be positive. You may not have a valentines today but that doesn't mean you never will, you've got to kiss your fair share of frogs before you meet your prince right?!. Be happy for people who have a valentines it just means that they have met their match just like you will. 

Number six- Doll yourself up, just because you don't have a valentines doesn't mean you can't add an extra oomph to your outfit or makeup. You never know who you might bump into when you're out, that new lipstick you've been waiting to use could be the one thing that catches the eye of your potential prince charming. 

Number seven- Go out the house. One thing I've noticed over the past few years is that so many single people don't like going out on valentines day. If you don't want to be surrounded by loved up couples stick in those headphones, play that pick me up playlist and block out the world. Life is way too short to waste it staying inside, go out, have fun meet new people. You never know who you'll meet.

Number eight- Go on a date. If you've been speaking to a guy for awhile, maybe try taking the next step. You don't have to go all romantic and go for dinner, you could always just meet up go for a walk. If you aren't speaking to someone go on a friend-date, do something fun, bowling, cinema, shopping. Go out and have some fun

Number nine- Buy yourself flowers. Every girl loves flowers every now and then, so buy them yourself you don't need a boyfriend to have flowers. Go to the shop and treat yourself if anyone asks just say their for you and if you don't want to say just say their a gift. They don't need to know their a gift from you to you. 

Number ten- LOVE. Today is all about love, in all shapes, forms and sizes so make your love known. Send your Mom, Nan, best friend a message let them know that you love them, it will make their day! Remember everyone likes to know they're loved on valentines day. 

So i hope these tips help you today and i you have an amazing day, single or not. I love you. 

 Happy Valentines Day
Thank you for reading
Soph xoxo

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