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Monday, 8 February 2016

Let it out.

Hey whisperers,

Having so much to say and having nobody to say it too sucks. Over the past year i have been using an app i came across on Instagram and it has helped me and so many of my friends so much. Being a teenager you don't always want to say how you feel to your friends no matter how much you love them and trust them. One thing I've learned is that deep down even though we may not want to admit it we all seek approval.

The app I've been using is Vent. Late last June i was scrolling through my Instagram, looking at a guy i liked old Instagram pictures (we all know we do it so no judging :P ) when i accidentally clicked the search button and saw the app on the popular page.

The app is basically an app where you can either anonymously or publicly 'vent' about anything you wish. There are a variety of feelings you can choose from such as, amused, caring, jealous, ashamed, confused and confident. Each feeling has a corresponding colour which in turn makes the app bright and easy to navigate.

I know that this post pretty much seems like I'm promoting the app but in all honesty i just truly love it and want other people to have the opportunity to get whatever they are going to off their chests. I have used the app constantly letting out my feelings and thoughts when I'm hurt, happy, sad it has been such a help to let it out, instead of holding it all in like i used to.

Another great thing about the app is that you can follow and gain followers. Alike Instagram and other popular social networking sites you can private and un-private  your profile. Mine is public and i am so glad that i made it that way as through using the site i have made so many friends and spoken to so many people. Each time you vent people can comment on it and i have honestly never felt so supported before! When I'm feeling down theirs always someone else who has been through the same thing or something similar.

It helps you to realize you aren't alone. Don't let your feelings stop you from being you, don't let them hold you back. 

Something that many people think that they are, something that i used to think i was. For so long i felt like i was the only person to feel the way i feel but I'm not there are so many people out there who feel exactly the same and using Vent helped me realize that.

So while i sit here in the dark, listening to the rain and scrolling down my vent i thought i would let you know about the app that helped me become a happier person.  The link at the bottom of  this post will take you straight to the App Store and Google Play store for Vent, i hope you give it a look and let all your thoughts and feelings of your chest.

Join Vent Now

Thanks for reading,
Sophie xoxo

More information- Vent Blog

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