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Saturday, 13 February 2016

My everyday makeup

Hey whisperers,

Growing up i was never really interested in makeup, i wasn't one of those girls who liked putting on makeup as a little girl. But the older i got i began to fall more and more in love with makeup. I remember the first time i tried foundation, i brought a cheap one from Avon and loved it. However, little did i know it made me look like more Oompa Loompa than a girl. 

I never really fully got understood makeup until around four years ago when i was fourteen. I began to buy more and more makeup and now at the age of eighteen my makeup collection is something my sister and parents can't understand,.

Today while taking off my makeup i realised that i hadn't yet done a post about makeup and beauty something i love and so this is my everyday makeup products/routine.

The first thing i do when applying my makeup is apply a primer. Over the past year i have really started to love primers, the one i am using right now is the Flawless Colour Correct Primer by Barry M. I love this primer because it helps tone down any breakouts i have while also helping to hydrate my skin. 

The next thing that i do is apply my L'Oreal true match foundation. I apply my foundation with a real techniques sponge, I then conceal any blemishes with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and then highlight my under eyes with the Garnier under eye roller ball. 

I then move on to setting my face, the first powder i use is the 'highlighting' powder from the 'Define and Conquer' pallet by Seventeen. I wouldn't necessarily consider this power a highlighter however i do think it great for setting the under eyes as it is very fine and just light enough to keep them bright. I then set the rest of my face using the Rimmel Stay Matte powder

After i set my face i then move on the contouring and bronzing. The first product i use is the collection 'Contour and Shape' palette, i use the mid-brown contour shade to define my cheekbones, I really like this product as the brown is not too 'muddy' or 'orange' and in turn makes the contour look natural. I then take the brown shade from the 'Define and Conquer' palette that i previously used to set my under eyes to bronze up my cheeks and forehead. 

I then take the blush from the 'Get up and Glow'  palette by Barry M and use the peach coloured blush to add some colour back into my cheeks. I then take the highlighter from the 'Contour and Shape' palette by Collection and apply it to the top of my cheekbones and nose.

Following this i then brush out and fill in my brows using Soap and Glory's 'Archery' brow pencil/brow tint. I love this product so much as the precise tip of the brow tint helps you to create amazingly sharp shaped brows and also allows you to fill in brows naturally. I then set this using a clear gel brow, i don't really have a specific brow gel i like so i pretty much use whichever one i have at hand, 

I then prime my eyes with a little concealer and set it with a skin coloured eye shadow from the Freedom 'Pro 32 eye collection palette'. This palette has been a favourite of mine over the past few weeks as it gives you a large selection of eye shadows. I then take shade 1 circled on the image below and take that into my crease, i then use shade two in my outer v and then finish off by using shade 3 in my inner to mid lid. 

I then  apply the Supercat eyeliner by Soap and Glory to create a Cat-eye eyeliner and apply the 'They're real mascara' by Benefit and the 'Thick and Fast' mascara by Soap and Glory to my lashes. I then finally set my whole face with the Avon Makeup setting spray

I hope you enjoyed this post about my everyday makeup. If you have any questions please leave them below. 

Thank You,
Soph xoxo

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  1. I love using the lasting perfection concealer too, its so much better than the expensive ones! Loved reading your post Soph!! see you soon xx