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Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Zoella Snapchat Scandal

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I've been sat here for the past 10 minutes trying to decide if i was going to write this post. I am such a huge fan of YouTube (something that you'll see in Sunday's post), that i do get annoyed when I log onto my social media accounts and see that yet again there is someone targeting a YouTuber because of something they've done on Twitter, Instagram and this time Snapchat. I'm guessing most of you know the massive YouTube star Zoella. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger and she has over 10 million followers on YouTube. Now i am a fan of Zoella so i understand that this post could come across as biased but i thought I'd go ahead and write it anyway. 

Zoe has a lot of subscribers, they vary in age but the majority of her subscribers are teenagers. On Sunday Zoe posted a goodnight snapchat before she logged off snapchat for the night. A picture which let's be honest is more reserved than those most teens post now-a-days, believe me i would know. The picture that Zoe posted has been labelled as  a 'scantily- clad, sexy image', by The Sun newspaper. Now i do understand that Zoe does have younger fans, however a picture of her in what let's be honest most girls probably sleep in isn't the worst thing she could have shared on her Snapchat account. 

Now, one thing that annoys me most about this article is the way that 'us' Zoe's subscribers are described. 'Children, Tweens and Teenagers, who flock to watch her makeup tutorials and buy her merchandise'. One thing that i don't think that many people think about when they look at YouTubers subscribers is the people behind the screen. Yes, I, and many other people do love to sit and watch YouTubers like Zoe and the one thing many people don't understand is why.

Now don't get me wrong, i can't speak for everyone because obviously everyone has different reasons for watching YouTubers. But for a lot of people it's an escape. A place you can go to just watch someone who you know won't judge you, someone that can give you tips and tricks for things that nobody you know in real can. I know that for a lot of parents is something hard to understand, but the world has changed so much since our parents were younger. The Internet pretty much is the centre of the earth for people now. So having a place, like YouTube, to escape to is honestly a great thing.

I can't read the comments of any YouTubers social media account without seeing at least one person say that watching YouTube saved their life, and i know for some this may seem extreme but for some people it is the truth and honestly parents should be happy that their kids have this kind of escape and support. For viewers to be labelled as a group of people who 'flock' to Zoe's videos is not only annoying but it's also very rude. 

This is just one post i found on Tumblr. 
Now, i do think that the author of this article did just want to make a jab at Zoe because further on in the article she does make a huge emphasis on the fact that Zoe has 10 Million followers, as if it's something that is ridiculous. But honestly, she should know as an author that to create quality content, something this article clearly wasn't, isn't just a matter of randomly sitting down and writing something but is a process with a lot of dedication and preparation, just like writing a blog post or like Zoe making YouTube videos, which is why she has so many subscribers.

The fact that something like this has become so big is honestly such a joke. Obviously Zoe didn't take it to heart as the following day she did make a snapchat joking about what was said about her, which is great because the whole thing's a joke.

The media is so focused on finding things wrong with people that it is all becoming so ridiculous. So many other celebrities have posted things like this on their social media, yet it hasn't been a problem. All over the Internet, and The Sun's website, are articles about how amazing someone looks in their new bikini or how amazing their new lingerie shoot was that the fact that someone was so bothered about this picture honestly, makes me wonder why they cared so much.  

I don't see anything wrong with what Zoe posted. She wasn't naked. She wasn't being vulgar. She was simply saying Goodnight to her subscribers. Something so many other YouTubers believe to. #TeamInternet has joined the #WeStandWithZoe hashtag and here are just a few of her supporters.

Alfie Deyes aka Pointlessblog

Chai aka MyNamesChai

Jake aka JakeBoys

Melanie Murphy 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think about the whole Zoella snapchat scandal in the comments below!

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