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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Working As A Teen

Hey Whisperers,

Today i thought that i would talk to you about working as a teen. Growing up i have been very lucky when it comes to employment and i know that some people have a really hard time finding a job and i am incredibly grateful for the opportunities i have had. I got my first job two months after i turned 16. I knew that i wanted to start working as soon as possible as obviously as a teen i wanted my own money but i also wanted experience. 

I had my first ever job interview early on in September 2014 in Argos and i was terrified. I had no idea what i was doing. The interview was a group interview and pretty much consisted of us introducing ourselves, writing numbers and building a bridge out of Lego. Pretty much everything i thought an interview wouldn't be. After my interview at Argos i found out i hadn't qualified to move to the next level and started searching for other jobs.

My first job was working in a pharmacy. Looking back now i wish i could have worked there forever. The people i worked with were incredible and the store i worked in became a home away from home. It wasn't a place that i didn't want to go to, it was a place i looked forward to visiting. Obviously at the age of 16 i was still attending college and so i only worked Saturdays. I worked from 9:00am until 5:30pm every Saturday for a year and a half. 

I'm not saying that working at the pharmacy was easy, it was by any means easy. I had to sit exams to gain a Health Care Assistant qualification to enable me to sell medicine and i had to do monthly multiple choice exams to ensure i stayed up to date on the medicines i was selling. However, it was completely worth it. 

The main downside to working while in college was having minimal spare time. Going to college five days a week in my first year and four days a week in my second year didn't leave me with much free time to do the homework and coursework that i was being set. Sitting Two A-Levels and a BTEC whilst working Saturdays was very stressful as i only really had Sundays to do homework, coursework and study. Which was by no way enough time. In my second year of college i did struggle with revision and ended up taking it to work with me to do on my lunch hour.

One thing that i loved doing through this time was blogging. Even though blogging was part of my Media Studies coursework it felt like more of a break from life. It was so peaceful. I could just stick in my earphones and block out the world and write about what work i had done that week. Looking back now i don't think i would have got through my second year of college without it. Something that most people i know would be shocked to hear because i complained about it so much.

Leaving the pharmacy was something that to some extent i regret. I left the pharmacy to leave for university, something that if you have been here for awhile, you would know i decided not to do. After leaving the pharmacy in July i had a two month break from work and later found a job in a supermarket. 

Working as a teen is something that i am so glad i did, i gained so much experience, qualifications and friends for life. So many people look at work as somewhat of a punishment, but for me it was the opposite. Having a job allowed me to have so much freedom. I was able to buy things i wanted with my money, it allowed me to learn how to manage my money and honestly allowed me to build up my self control.

As a kid you never really realise the impact of having your own money can have on you but it makes such a difference. So i guess what I'm trying to say is, if you are a teen reading this and you are wondering if you should get a job. Do it. At times it may be stressful and you may think that you can't handle it but it so worth it. The experience and life lessons you learn will outweigh all of the negatives. 

Working as a teen helped me in so many ways. If you worked as a teen or are a teen looking for work let me know your experiences down below!!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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