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Thursday, 10 March 2016

You're Beautiful

Hey Whisperers, 

Today i thought i would talk about something that right now seems to be a huge thing in the media. I say right now but let's be honest it's always something that's big in the media. Weight. The big W word. 

Growing up I've never really been one of those people who cared about my weight, I'm just me and that's just how I've always seen it. However over the past few years I've started to mature and look at my body in a different way, i started looking at under a microscope. I started over analysing every part of my body.

 My skin, my weight, my hair, my eyes. Soon enough i wanted to change it all. 

I realised quite early on in life that my body is far from what people in society would consider 'perfect' or even 'okay'. I am not a size 0 i am not a size 10.  Now don't get me wrong i don't hate my body, i just don't love it. I do wish i could shed a few pounds and i do wish i could look as amazing as the people i see on my instagram feed in a bikini. 

But I know i'm not skinny and even more so i know that it's okay.

If i was to post a picture of my body on instagram, i would probably be called disgusting and gross. But to me my body is just my body. I see so many people on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook striving to become what society deems as perfect and it is so unrealistic. Don't get me wrong I think that people who are skinny look just as amazing as someone who is a size 20 but the standards that society and the media have set for young girls is insane. 

For me growing up i never really fell in love with a female celebrity, i didn't strive to look like someone i had seen in magazines because when i was younger that wasn't really something i wanted to do. But as i got older i started to become more interested in the media and i became addicted to looking at what people like the Kardashian Sisters were wearing and their body types, but yet still i didn't want to look like them.

I love the way that celebrities like Kim Kardashian look, i think that their bodies are beautiful but i don't think that it is something that someone should strive to become. I think that people should instead strive to become better versions of themselves. If people want to lose weight good for them and i wish them well in that journey. But if people don't want to lose weight and are happy with their bodies whether they're a size 4 or 20 they should be allowed to they should be allowed to feel empowered and sexy no matter what their size.

As long as they are happy why does what other people think matter?

I so often see people's instagram comments full of  hate for their bodies and it makes me so upset. I can't scroll down my tumblr feed without seeing a girl posting pictures of anorexic girls with #bodygoals and it makes me sad, because when i click on their profile and look at them i can see how beautiful they are but they don't. I know that it is hard to love yourself, it took me so long to even be able to look in the mirror and think that i looked ok. But everybody is beautiful in their own way.

I have one celebrity body crush and that is Demi Lovato. Now i know she is a very popular idol for young women but i can't help but admire her. After all that she has been through she is nothing but an inspiration for me. She knows the importance of health and self-love and she uses her platform as a celebrity to help other people love themselves and i admire her so much for that.

So i guess the point in today's post was to just let you know that you're beautiful. When you look in the mirror today, don't frown and think of all the things you wish you could change. Pick out all the things you love. Because you may not be your ideal weight but you are incredibly beautiful and i can guarantee there's somebody else in your life who thinks so too.

If you're sitting there today hating your body, just know that i think you are perfect. You are you, you are original and you are perfect.  There's only one you, so take a little time today to love yourself. Because i do. 

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo


  1. I loved reading this! Made me feel so much happier. I've always been unhappy with my weight and always looking for new ways to shed the pounds, but with me being such a fussy eater its so hard! I just decided to feel comfortable in my own body and skin and if people dont like it then tough! Such a motivational post xxx

    1. I was so nervous to write a post about this because it's such a touchy subject! But i'm so glad i did! xxxx