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Sunday, 3 April 2016

My views on weight

Welcome back, Whisperers, 

So today's topic is abit, heavy. Weight. One thing i have never fully understood is the obsession with weight. Growing up i have never really cared much about my weight, sure there are things i would love to change about myself, nobody loves themselves 100%. But i don't understand the obsession. And so today i thought i would talk about my views on weight. 

Fat. Skinny. Curvy. In reality these are just words that describe literal things. Fat is part of everybody's body, everyone has some fat but as time has gone on 'Fat' has been turned into a word that is used to degrade, shame and bully people. What everyone classifies as fat is different, for some it's someone over a certain clothing size and for others it is just based on what someone looks like. The term fat is something that is used so much in society to humiliate and downgrade women and men and it drives me insane. So what if someone is a little larger than you? Why does that give you the right to mock them. Society has changed so much with idols going from what people used to consider a 'normal woman' at a size 14 to a 'normal woman' size 10 and below and it is causing such unrealistic standards for people.

However, just like the term 'Fat' the term 'skinny' has also been coined into something just as horrifying. For someone who has been called 'Fat' it is pretty easy to sit and say that you don't understand how being called skinny can offend someone but it can. The term skinny is not a compliment for everyone, for some people it's a term as mean as 'fat'. So many people across the world can not physically put on weight just as some people can't lose it and in turn it makes them more slim than others. I watch a YouTube channel called Ellie and Jared and Ellie has talked about this in some of their videos, but some people don't realise that Skinny can also be an insult. 

Curvy is a term that has become very popular over the past few years with celebrities like Kim K and Nicki Minaj creating headlines with their very popular curves. I do believe that their bodies are beautiful however, just like people who strive to be slim people also strive to be Curvy and take drastic measures to do so, using things such as waist trainers which suppress your organs and can force stomach acid back into the esophagus. 

There are so many other body types which i haven't talked about and that itself is something that some people never recognize. There aren't just two body types there isn't just 'fat' and 'skinny' there are so many different body types in between and so many people don't address this. 

Personally, I don't think that weight should play a huge part in your life. Obviously weight is a big part of life i just don't think that it should be the focus of anyone's life, it shouldn't restrict what clothes you can wear or the things you can eat. Being healthy is what should matter. If working out everyday and being a size 10 is what makes you feel healthy then good for you that's amazing because i know that is something i could never do. And just as equally if eating what you want and working out once a week is what makes you feel happy then do you because either way it shouldn't matter what other people think of your weight,it's how you feel in your body that matters.

Words like Fat and Skinny have led to so many people either taking their lives or becoming ill and this honestly makes my blood boil. I know that having a eating disorder is a mental illness, but i do believe that something has to have happened for the idea to be started. Someone had to plant that seed in your brain for you to think that you have to do whatever your disorder entails, and that is what makes me so mad. Think before you speak because you never know what seed you could be planting in someone's mind. 

You are beautiful size 8, 14 or 20, because you are you. 

I know that loving yourself is hard and i know that it's not as easy as waking up and just loving yourself. It's a long journey, but i honestly believe it is one that every person has to go on in life to become truly happy, because to be the first step to being happy is loving yourself. If you don't love yourself  and believe in yourself how can anybody else,

I hope that you enjoyed today's post, let me know what you think on weight in the comments down below! I love you guys!! 

Thank you for reading,


  1. you've made some really good points on here that I really loved . Personaly I think skin is just skin and it might sound cheezy but being ''fat'' or ''skiny'' doesn't make you beautiful but rather the way in which you conduct yourself and act. I think in this day and age , we are too far brainwashed into society that it might be hard to break out of that habit of calling people names and labeling them based on appearance.
    I think everybody yearn for what they cannot have. I've never been really big but I find myself admiring bigger people because I love their weight. I wish I could be bigger than I am right now because I've lost an unhealty amount of weight due to depression. And that's the the other thing, you never know why people are the way they are. A ''fat'' person might bee fat because they're depress too and the added stress of society constantly telling who to be is more than a person can handle.
    I think this is a really great topic and you write amazingly on it and I can tell you took the time to really organize everything and I appreicate that.
    thanks for sharing your views :)
    a sense of home

    1. I totally get what you mean, there can be so many reasons why peoples weight is the way it is. You never know what someone is going through. I agree with you too, skin is just skin it's the person you are inside that matters! Thank You so much for reading and commenting it really does mean a lot