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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Product Review- Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

Hey Whisperers, 

Over the past few weeks, everytime i go on Instagram or Twitter this eyeshadow palette is everywhere and so when i was shopping in Solihull the other day I decided to pop into Superdrug and pick it up. This palette is a collaboration between Makeup Revolution and BritishBeautyBlogger. It has 30 eyeshadows both shimmer and matte finish. The moment i picked up this palette i knew i had to do a blog post about it because it is so beautiful. And so this is my review of the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favour The Brave Palette. 

Price- £9.99

The first thing that i noticed about this palette was the packaging. The gold matte finish makes the product appear very high end and the gold foil logo draws your eye straight to the product. I am a huge stickler for packaging and i completely love this packaging. The product itself is quite large however it isn't a ridiculous size like other palettes i own with this amount of eyeshadows. 

Onto the part that i'm guessing most of you care about; The eye shadows. As i said before there are 30 eye shadows in this palette, which is amazing for the price. One thing i love most about this palette is the different selection of shades, i've had large eyeshadow palettes before that have pretty much the same shade 3 times but each shade in this palette is different. Each shade in this palette also has an individual name which, i love because it makes it so much easier to describe when blogging about a makeup look, however most people will probably throw the clear name sheet away.

Shade by shade review- 

 Glimmer is a shimmery champagne colour. It is the perfect amount of shimmer and blends amazingly.
 Buffer, like the name suggests is the perfect transition colour. It is a light/midtone matte brown with peachy undertones. 
Peachy is a pink shimmer shade. It is the most 'bright' colour in the palette but i think blended with some of the other shades it would be a perfect spring shade.
Hope is a dark brown shimmery shade. In the pan it looks more brown, however when on the lid it is more of a copper/brown mix.
Fortune is a more golden version of hope and is definetley had a bronze shimmer to it. I think this colour would be perfect for a more dark grunge look. 
Skyline is the first of the marbled shadows in the palette, it is a navy blue shimmer shadow with gold running throughout. I've never really used blue eyeshadow before so i'm looking forward to trying this one out.
Transformer is a dark navy blue colour. When i swatched this colour i was quite surprised to see the amount of green in it as in the pan it looks like a plain blue shade.
Midnight Rainbow- 
Midnight rainbow is a shimmery navy blue. I love this shade and i think it would be perfect if you wanted to add a little extra to a smokey eye.
Ice Cloud-
Ice cloud is one of my favourite shadows in this palette. It is the perfect shimmery shadow for an inner corner highlight. It is a very pigmented white eyeshadow which i find hard to fine
Golden Coins-
Golden Coins is the second marbled eyeshadow in the palette. It is a mixture of burgundy and gold, which when swatched creates a beautiful golden pink shade. 
Cashmere is a light brown shimmer shade, it is very similar to hope however it is slightly lighter.
Tip Top-
Tip top is a matte olive green eyeshadow. I have never really worn a green eyeshadow and so i am quite weary about this shade, however i do want to try it out.
Yes Please- 
Yes Please is a green shimmer shadow, when swatched it is more of a brown shade. 
Green Machine-
Green Machine is another marbled green eyeshadow. This shade is an dark olive shimmer eyeshadow, it blends very easily. 
Smoothie is a dark green eyeshadow with blue undertones. I have no clue how i am going to use this eyeshadow but i love it.
Caffeine fix- 
Caffeine fix is the perfect brown colour. It is perfect for depending up the crease. It is definetley going to be one of my most used colours in this shadow.
Latte is a lighter brown, colour which i love. It's perfect colour for a no makeup, makeup look. Perfect if you're younger or at school.
Pink Diamond-
Pink Diamond is a light pink shimmer shade. It is a very shimmery colour, something i don't really like, however the shade itself is a beautiful.
Creme is a matte off white shade, it is a perfect shade to set your primer or to add a slight brow bone highlight. 
Drama Queen-
Drama Queen is a perfect matte purple shade. It is easily blendable and isn't too dark.
Lonely Planet-
Lonely Planet is another marbled eyeshadow, it a mix between burgundy and black. I love the marbled look of this eyeshadow however when mixed it is more of black eyeshadow.
Blacqua very pigmented matte black eyeshadow. I only used a small amount to test it on my hand and the pigmentation is insane.
Soft is an off white/pink matte eyeshadow. It's a perfect eyeshadow to use as a base or as an inner lid colour.
New World-
New World is my favourite shade of all of the shades in this palette, It is a perfect light pink shimmer shade when swatched.
Favour is a darker pink shimmer shade. It is a darker shade of Pink Diamond which is perfect for creating a gradient look.
Sunset Hour-
Sunset Hour is a shimmery copper shade. It when blended out it has the perfect copper shade for a darker eye look.
Super Gold-
Super Gold is the last marble colour in the palette. It is a mix of brown, burgundy and gold. When mixed together it's a beautiful brown shimmer shade.
Winning is the lightest purple in the palette, however it is still quite dark. It is a matte colour, i can see myself using this colour a lot when doing smokey eyes.
Brave is a dark purple shade, which when swatched is more of a black/smokey grey colour. In the pan the shade looks quite shimmery however when swatched it wasn't as shimmery as the other shades in the palette.
The Revolution- 
The Revolution is the last colour in the palette, it is a dark shimmery purple. When looking at the palette it does look the same as Brave however when swatched it is definetley darker and more on the black side. 

Up Close Look- 

Overall, i do really like this palette the selection of shades is amazing for the price and the quality of the eyeshadows is something i would expect from a high end brand not a drugstore brand. I can definitely see this palette becoming one of my favourite palettes that i own. The palette is currently out of stock on the Makeup Revolution website however i found mine in my local Superdrug (or you can order it online Here and get it in the 3 for 2 deal currently on at Superdrug)

If you have any questions about this palette don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo


  1. Loved reading this and seeing a shade by shade review! That must of taken you sooo long but it really helped!! I've been seeing this everywhere aswell and have been so tempted to buy it, now I think I will thanks to this post! XXX

    1. It is such a good palette! The colours are all so pigmented it's great £9.99, the Latte and Buffer are probably my favourite shades. The freedom 32 palette is so good too ( ) xx