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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Storytime- Someone made a YouTube Video about me.

Hey Whisperers,

So a few months ago i did a story time post, i really enjoyed that post and so i thought i would write another one. Not too long ago i wrote a post about How To Survive High School, and in that post i talked about about not putting your drama on social media, and so today i thought i would tell you how i found out that although social media can be a great thing it can also be one of the worst things too. 

This story time is all about the time a girl made a YouTube video about me. 

Going through high school i never really fit in. I spent quite a few years moving from friendship group to friendship group trying to find a place where i fit in, and then in Year 9 i finally did. In Year 9 i met my best friend Chloe, we spoke 24/7 and we're really close. Throughout the year we stayed close and then in Year 10 everything changed. We had separate lessons, separate friendship groups and we basically grew apart. By this point i had become close with another group of people in my lessons and i was finally happy to have a group of friends who I had things in common with. 

As i grew closer to my group of friends i trusted them more and more, i told them so much about me and i told them things about Chloe too. Something looking back now was probably stupid, but i did it anyways. This was how the argument started. A secret Chloe told me got out and from then onward we pretty much hated each other. 

Fast forward a few months and the arguments still continued, by now it was a daily thing. This was when the argument was taken to Facebook. At this point indirect statuses where pretty much the go to when you were pissed at someone so it didn't surprise me when i saw one about me.  After this a lot of people outside of the argument got involved and more statuses were written. The most memorable status was an indirect status written on someones Facebook who wasn't even involved. The argument on that status, looking back now was hilarious. With over 200 comments and at least 15 people involved it was the status  that lead to us having to go into a mediation meeting. Which to be honest did pretty much nothing, if anything it led to more tension. 

After the mediation i was just about done with the crap. But I'm pretty sure we all know how it is, you might not be bothered but you still get told everything about whats going on. This was when i had a YouTube video made about me. 

I was sitting in my Travel and Tourism lesson when i was told about the video by a friend. I was first of all pissed (rightly so), and then i was pretty much amused. The video was made by Chloe and her new best friend Kristie. I was slagged of (indirectly of course), called fat, called a bitch  and many other things. Now this is why drama on social media is never a good thing. Not only did me and a few people in my class see this video but so did people all over the school. I also wasn't the only person talked about in the video so were some of my friends. Now this is what annoyed me the most. I have always been protective of my friends, so the moment they were dragged into the video i was pretty pissed.

It wasn't long until they found out I had seen the video and they were so amused. However by this point, teachers had also found out and things got a little more serious.

By this point we were half way through Year 11 and the argument was still going on. During this time i had given up with the argument, my group of friends did everything we could to avoid them. Not because we didn't care, we did, we just had more important things to worry about. Like GCSE's and Coursework things that actually mattered. We moved to a different place at break and lunch, only to be followed by them. Walked different routes to class so we didn't have to deal with them, only yo be followed. Looking back it was ridiculous, but at the time all we wanted was to move on. 

By the time we reached the end of Year 11 and graduated, we still had problems with them. Still to this day I don't get along with Chloe. Not because of what she did when arguing with me, but to the people who she got involved. 

Looking back i probably wouldn't change anything that happened because it made me stronger and although it was a ridiculously long argument and at times i didn't know if i could handle it, i learnt so many things. I learnt who my real friends are. I learnt that although schools act like they care about bullying they don't. And the main thing i learnt is that social media is not the place to post your drama. If the argument had been kept off social media, it not only would have probably ended faster but so many people wouldn't have ended up upset and involved. 

I know reading this you will probably find the whole thing ridiculous but looking back i realise that if i wasn't as strong as i was and if i didn't have the friends and support i did have i could have easily not survived it. 

Our parents say that we have life easy now that we have things like the internet and social media but they're wrong. We have it worse. Back when my parents were young an argument was pretty much ended with a fight or nasty row,  but now it can go on for months, or in my case years. It can be posted online for anyone to see, for anyone to comment on or share. Life is hard enough without getting the internet involved. 

If you're in the middle of an argument and are about to post something on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. Stop for a minute and think, is it really worth it? Because i can guarantee it isn't. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, i know it was a bit more serious and personal but it was something that i knew i had to post about. Let me know in the comments below if you've been through anything similar and how you dealt with it!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

If you need someone to talk to and you are being bullied please don't hesitate to call and talk to a counsellor on 08001111 (all calls are free and confidential)  or if you don't feel comfortable you can also sign up and speak to a counsellor 1-2-1 on their website at You are never alone. 

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