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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Casmara Peel Off Face Mask - Product Walk Through and Review

Welcome back Whisperers,

So the other week i was shopping in TKMaxx when i came across this face mask and i couldn't help buying it. The face mask i brought was the Casmara balancing algae peel off face mask. When i first saw it i was quite weary because of the bright red colour but then i just got more and more curious and had to try it out and so i thought i would bring you guys along on the journey. So let's do this face mask together.

Price- £4.99


In the pack you get two packets- Packet 1 is a powder, Packet 2 is a gel. You also get an instruction leaflet, a face cream and a spatula. To mix this all together you use the lid of the container as a bowl which is very convenient because this would probably ruin any other container you use. 

Making the face mask

First of all before you mix any of the ingredients together you have to apply the balancing cream all over your face to prepare your skin for the face mask. Putting this on before also gives it time to settle into the skin.

Next up you have to empty the contents of packet 1 into the lid.When doing this i ripped the packet open, which is what the instructions show however i would suggest using scissors instead because this powder goes everywhere. This powder is quite fine and has white 'pips' in it, i have no clue what they were because i couldn't tell from the packaging because the majority of the packaging was in a foreign language.

You then need to add packet two into the lid. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this packet so when i opened it i was quite shocked. Getting this gel out of the packet was pretty messy, having it in a bottle would have been much easier.

Now it's time to mix. I can not stress enough how important it is to mix this slowly it goes EVERYWHERE. The powder is like powdered sugar and it gets on everything and the gel is so close to the top of the pot that it's impossible to mix it without getting messy. I did think that the 'pips' would dissolve but they didn't which surprised me. On the instructions it says mix for 40 seconds but i would mix it for a little less because mine was getting thick/drying already. 

Enjoy this very unflattering picture of me in the mask 

And last of all, apply it to the face, the packaging says to apply it all over the face including the eyebrows and lips i would however leave the lips uncovered, it made them feel amazing but you can't drink or talk with this mask on. This mask is probably the most thick face mask i have ever used and i still had quite a lot left to use so if you prefer a thinner mask i would suggest only using half the mixture and saving the rest. The drying time of this mask was quite short and when i peeled it off it felt a lot like play-dough which was very strange. After you take of the mask you are supposed to apply the balancing cream again to help protect your skin.

Overall i did really like trying this mask but i probably wouldn't try it again. The making of the mask was very easy however i didn't like the mask itself. It was very thick and didn't smell great which i know isn't a big issue but if I'm going to sit with something on my face for 10-15 minutes i don't want it to smell bad. 

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