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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Maybelline Baby Lips- Product Review

Hey Whisperers,

So the other week when i was sorting out my makeup storage ( read about that here) i came across my Maybelline Baby Lips and i realised that i have quite a few and so today i thought i would do a quick review on the ones i have for you guys. In total i have 8 of the baby lips lip balms, 5 from the original range, 2 from the Electro range and 1 of the Dr Rescue ones.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue- Too Cool

This lip balm is one of my most recent buys. The Dr Rescue lip balms have 'medicated care' in them to help with more severe chapped and dry lips. The Too Cool lip balm has a very minty smell and leaves my lips feeling cool, which i love. One thing i love most about this lip balm is that although it does help hydrate the lips it also gives a nice sheen to the lips on days where i just want a nice gloss on the lips. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro- Strike A Rose

This is the first of the two electro lip balms that i have from Maybelline. This lip balm gives a very bright pink colour to the lips (perfect for parties and clubs)  which i wasn't quite expecting when i brought it. The colour pay off of this lip balm is insane and it still hydrates the lips. One thing i don't like about this particular lip balm however is the smell, this lip balm to me smells like an air freshener, not exactly what i want to smell when I'm putting something on my lips. However apart from that it is pretty good.  

Alike the previous Electro lip balm this lip balm is also quite pigmented. This lip balm is a purple lip balm so the pigmentation does make it a little less wearable, however like i said previously these lip balms would be perfect for parties or clubbing. This lip balm is also very hydrating. Alongside this the smell of this lip balm is a lot less potent than the previous one which makes it a lot easier to wear. 

This lip balm is the first of the 5 original baby lips that i have and it is by far my favourite in my whole collection. This lip balm is the perfect hydrating lip balm and in my opinion it is more hydrating than the Dr Rescue one. This lip balm is also clear which is great for everyday use. I keep this lip balm next to my bed at all times and i apply it when i wake up and before i go to bed and it leaves my lips feeling 'baby smooth' which is great considering i use so many matte lipsticks. This lip balm also has a sweet smell, the only thing i can really compare it to is Haribo Eggs (which just makes it smell delicious) if you are thinking of buying any of these lip balms i highly suggest you get this one. 

This lip balm is the perfect day time lip balm. It has a lovely sweet cherry scent and it leaves a perfect red sheen on the lips. This lip balm is definitely one of my favourites out of my collection, the only problem with this one is if you do apply too much it is very obvious because of how pigmented it is so you do have to be careful when applying it so that you don't get any outside of your lip line. 

Pink punch is a lot like Cherry Me however it is a bright pink colour. The colour of the lip balm is the same as the tube so it is quite a daring colour to wear. Alike all of the other lip balms it is very hydrating and has a scent. The smell of this lip balm for me is just like Strike A Rose Electro balm and smells quite air freshener like which is kind of a put off for me. 

Peach Kiss is another one of my favourites in the collection. Apart from having one of the cutest packaging's out of the range it also gives a lovely nude sheen to the lips, something that i love. The smell of this lip balm is also quite muted but it does have a subtle peach scent which i love.  This lip balm is probably one of my most used summer lip colours because it gives me a slight tint while keeping my lips moisturised.

Maybelline Baby Lips-  Melon Mania

This is the last of all of my baby lips and also my most recently brought one. I brought this one on sale for £2 and i am so glad that i picked it up. This lip balm is the same colour as the writing on the tube however unlike previous lip balms it isn't as pigmented making it a perfect day time colour. The scent of this lip balm is also not as potent and instead is a quite subtle melon scent. 

Overall the baby lips lip balms are definitely my favourite lip balms of all time and i would 100% recommend them to anyone. If you're looking for an affordable lip balm or just a nice lip tint these are definitely a good option. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have a favourite Baby Lips let me know below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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