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Thursday, 19 May 2016

They're people too- Celebrity Hate Comments

Hey Whisperers,

No matter what time of day that you go on social media i can guarantee that someone is sat spreading hate on a celebrity's page. Now so many people get defensive about this topic and at first i was a bit weary about writing this post but i decided to do it anyway because this is my corner of the Internet and i honestly believe that this needs to be said.

Putting hate on someone's social media is not the same as sharing your opinion. 

Almost every time i see someone get confronted about writing hate i see the comment ' i am allowed to have an opinion'  and yes although that is true it doesn't mean that you have the right to sit down and type it on a celebrity's instagram page for thousands to see. Having an opinion is not the same as hate it is completely different.

Something that I, and I'm sure many other people that thought, is why. Why do people feel the need to point out celebrities 'flaws'. Most people say jealousy and i do think that that is a big part of the issue but i do also believe that quite a few people do it for the attention. Every celebrity has a fan base and most fans are extremely protective of the celebrity they support so it isn't long until they bite back at the 'hater' and a lot of  'haters' feed of that attention.

"It's like some of you forget that just because she has fame she is a real person. Would you comment on anyone else's photos trying to slate them, gushing out their insecurities? No - because you'd look like an utter nob for trying to drag someone down."

I saw Joe's comment on a recent Katie Price picture and it spoke to me because everything he says is 100% true. Most people wouldn't think about commenting on a 'normal person's' pictures pointing out their insecurities most of the time they would just like it and move on. But not on celebrities. One thing that he pointed out which so many people seem to forget is that just because someone is famous it doesn't mean that they aren't a person. They still have feelings and they don't deserve to deal with the hate they get. 

Here are a few hate comments i found scrolling through my instagram- 

" What a gay cunt r u a boy or a girl"
On MannyMua's Instagram

"Harry Styles sucks can't sing ugly bitch"
On Harry Styles Instagram

"So sick of these talentless self absorbed rich bitches"
On Kim Kardashian Wests Instagram

These three comments were some of the most non vulgar comments i could find and honestly the amount that i saw on just the top 6 posts on my instagram was quite upsetting. I do get annoyed when i see stuff like this because as i mentioned before celebrities are still people and i don't know why people don't see that. 

The Manny Mua hate comment was one comment which did really anger me because i just don't understand or think that any ones sexuality should ever be used as a negative and 'flaw'. So what if Manny is gay and makes money from doing makeup? If anything that is something incredible it is a positive thing, it shows that society and companies are moving on from the stereotypical norms and are becoming more accepting of people in both the gay community and of male make up artists, something which in the past has been frowned upon and deemed unacceptable. It is also amazing that he can make a living doing something he loves which is something that not everybody can do, so why does that call for hate? It doesn't.

Me personally, I would never write hate on anybodies post, not only because it is rude but also because I just don't see the point. I might see a celebrities post and absolutley hate the outfit they are wearing, but is it really affecting me - no. It's none of my business what they are wearing or how blended their contour is, or what caption they've added, it's nobodies business but theirs. That is why i never understood the big deal over Kim Kardashians nude selfie. If Kim Kardashian wants to post a nude selfie on Instagram good for her I'm glad she loves her body, would I do it - no because it isn't the kind of thing i would do but that doesn't make it my right to comment on it. So many people think it is their right to point out celebrities flaws but it's not.

People need to think before they type. You never know what people are going through. Your one comment could be the comment that pushes them over the edge. 

At the end of the day i guess that is all i can really say. More people need to realise that just because somebody is famous it does not give you the right to publicly target them. They are people too. Let me know your opinions on celebrity hate comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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