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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Surviving That Time Of The Month

Hey Whisperers,

So I'm guessing that majority of my readers are female and so i thought i would write a quick post about our oh so fabulous time of the month. It's not really surprising that most of us hate this time of month i mean who wants to be uncomfortable cramping and bleeding for up to a week ? Nobody. All most of us want to do is crawl into bed, stuff our faces full of the most unhealthy snacks ever and binge watch TV, which although sounds great, isn't the best thing to do. And so today I thought i would talk about a few things that always help me.

Stock Up

Now as most of you lovely ladies will know you can not predict how your body is going to be month to month. So stocking up is always a good idea, because let's be real getting halfway through the week, searching the cupboards for pads or tampons and finding none is something none of us want to do.

Sort out those cozy clothes

Now we all know that nothing is worse than being in tight clothes when you're on. You bloat and it just makes you feel ten times worse so make sure you have your cozy clothes ready. For me it's an oversized jumper and leggings, just make sure it's loose and comfy (dark colours are always a safe option too). 

Bath Time!

Nothing is worse than having a bloated stomach and period pains, believe me right now you probably don't want to leave your bed to run a bath but hot water is going to become your best friend. Don't have a plain old bath either, throw in some bubble bath and chuck in a lush bath bomb (i suggest avo bath) and relax in that bath like the magical mermaid you are!

Keep Track

Keeping track of your periods always helps you to prepare for the time ahead. I found an app a few months ago that i LOVE to use it's called P Tracker. P Tracker uses the past 3 dates of your previous period to calculate your next one. You can also input a lot of data like your skin condition and mood. Download the app here for Android and here for Apple users. 

Distract Yourself

Now a lot of the time the thing that makes periods worse is constantly thinking about them. I suggest finding a new TV show on Netflix ( check out my top 5 shows here) or just finding a few films you want to watch. 

Drink Time

For me all i want to drink at this time of the month is fizzy pop and warm drinks so pop on that kettle and make yourself your favourite kind of hot drink (for me it's either a Chai Tea Latte or Hot Chocolate). If you aren't a hot drink kind of gal, grab a bottle of your favourite pop and stock up because staying hydrated is so important at this time of the month.

Last Resort

Now i know it seems so easy to reach for the pills as soon as you get a pain but it is always best to try natural methods first (in my opinion it is anyways). If the bath hasn't worked and the pain is still there i suggest a hot water bottle and if that doesn't work then obviously medication is probably needed. I suggest Feminax Express which contains Ibuprofen, or even just plain ol' paracetamol.

I hope this post has given you a few tips on how to survive this dreaded time of the month! If you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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