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Sunday, 25 September 2016


Hey Whisperers!!

So the time has finally come to relaunch the blog, eeeeep i'm so excited to get back into blogging again. I've spent the past few weeks creating a collection of posts and working on the blog itself. I spent so much time worrying about what everyone else would want to read instead of what I actually wanted to post so I'm excited to start posting about things i love!

A few things are going to be changing like when i'm posting and what i'm posting but before i go into that I just want to thank you for sticking around while i've been sorting this all out! I've seen you following on Bloglovin and it really does mean the world to me so thank you!

What will i be posting?

One of the main reasons i took a break was to decide where i really want this blog to go and it did take me some time but i know now that i want to focus mainly around beauty. Now i am not saying there won't still be lifestyle, cooking or music posts because there definitely will I just won't be doing the once a week Lifestyle post because it got to the point where i was just posting things i wasn't passionate about just so their wasn't a gap in the schedule. 

The New Schedule

Beauty Tuesdays

New beauty post every Tuesday at 4pm

Song of the Week Saturdays

New Song of The Week every Saturday at 12pm

See you guys on the 3rd October!!


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