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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The 30 Disney Questions Tag

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The 30 Disney Questions Tag

Hey Whisperers,

I was looking through my blog the other day and i noticed that all my posts recently have been beauty posts, which i of course love, but they aren't the only posts i want to be creating. So today i am going to take a break from beauty and write a more 'chilled out' Disney Tag instead so i hope you enjoy.

Th30 Disney Questions Tag

1. Favourite Character
Moana for sure, she is such an independent character and she definitely fights for what she wants and believes in.

2. Favourite Princess
For me it's definitely Belle or Moana. I love how intelligent Belle is and as I've previously said i love how independent Moana is.

3. Favourite Heroine
 Tinkerbell for sure, i love her personality so much.

4. Favourite Prince
Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid 100%.

5. Favourite Her
Kristoff. not only because he's amazing but he's just so adorable.

6. Favourite Animal
Sven oh my god i love him he's so damn cute and bubbly. I need a Sven in my life.

7. Favourite Sidekick
100% Timone and Pumba (you can't have one without the other don't judge me)

8. Favourite Villain
I love Maleficent, not so much in the animation but in the live action film 100%

9. Favourite Original Character 
Snow White, I love her connection to animals I wanted to be like her so much when i was little.

10. Favourite Love Song
A Whole New World, i pretty much sing it daily. 

11. Favourite Song 
Part Of Your World The Little Mermaid

12. Favourite Villain Song 
Come Little Children from Hocus Pocus (not going to lie  i completely forgot this was a Disney film)

13. Least Favourite Song 
You'll Be In My Heart, Tarzan. Not because i don't like the song, but because I cry after the first few cords and i just can't handle it.

14. Favourite Kiss
Anna and Kristoff  it was just so cute and innocent 

15. The First Movie You Saw
I have 0 clue but knowing my parents it was probably Fantasia 

16. Favourite Classic 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head 
A Whole New World, Aladdin or Colours Of The Wind, Pocahontas 

18. Favourite Pixar Film 
Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo or The Incredibles

19. Least Favourite Pixar Film 
Cars, I just never got into it. 

20. Favourite Sequel 
The Little Mermaid 2 for sure.

21. Overrated Movie 
Monsters University, like don't get me wrong I love it so much but it still doesn't meet my expectations. 

22. Underrated Movie 
 The Lion King 2, i don't think many people have even watched it. 

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh 
Tangled i just love her wit and personality

24. Movie That Makes You Cry 
Up and if you don't cry at this film i don't think we can be friends it is so sad.

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie 
Coral dying in Finding Nemo it gets me every time.

26. Saddest Death 
Mufasa, The Lion King or Coral in Finding Nemo.

27. Favourite Quote 
" Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting" -Peter Pan

"You're at peace because you know that it's ok to be afraid" -Mulan

"If you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you didn't know" - Pocahontas 

28. Favourite Theme Park 
Disney World Florida. It's honestly the most incredible experience ever

29. Favourite Theme Attraction
I can't remember any other rides than It's A Small Small World which i know for sure is one of the creepiest rides I've ever been on.

30. Favourite Theme Park Show 
The Lion King show is INCREDIBLE 

I have loved doing this tag as many of you know I'm a huge Disney Fan. I hope you've enjoyed this post!

If you take part in this tag make sure to tag me on twitter so i can read it!

Thanks for Reading,

Saturday, 25 March 2017

My Makeup Collection - Eyeliners

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My Makeup Collection - Eyeliners

Hey Whisperers,

This weeks makeup collection post is probably one of my all time favorites. My eyeliners. Now if you know me. you know that i pretty much wear winged eyeliner every day, i just don't think my eye makeup looks complete without it. So as you can probably guess i've created quite a collection of eyeliners over the months. I am in no way bragging about what i own in this post and i know that i am very lucky to have what i have. I hope you enjoy. 

Liquid Eyeliners 

I have 4 of these eyeliners as i seem to get them every year in the Soap and Glory gift sets and I love them. They're super pigmented and easy to use. 

I got this eyeliner when i was on holiday and i ran out of my Soap and Glory one, it's not the best eyeliner and it does come out a little grey but it's not the worst eyeliner i've ever tried.

I got this eyeliner in a Birchbox and i absolutley love it! It's super pigmented and i've been using it none stop since I got it.

PS Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen (link unavailable)

I unforutunatley haven't had a chance to try out this eyeliner yet as i only picked it up a few days ago, however from the swatches it seem super pigmented so i'm exicted to use it more. 

I don't love this eyeliner, it just doesn't sit well on the skin and it smudges quite easily too. It is super pigmented though so i guess that is a plus?

I don't really know how i feel about this eyeliner, i was meant to pick up the matte version because i heard great things about it. If you can tell i love my felt liners so this one being a more stick one makes it harder for  me to use. It is super pigmented though and the wet look does look amazing on the eye. 

If you've ever used you'll know that it's full of all sorts of makeup products so when i saw these eyeliners on there for £1 for 2 i thought i'd give them a go. They're super pigmented and they last a long time, i wouldn't say they're waterproof though.

This is the strangest eyeliner i own by far, the end is a felt but it's more of a highlighter shape which is so hard to use. I use this to fill in my brows and then i pluck around them which i love doing. 

This is another Birchbox item that i've recieved. It's a pretty good eyeliner but i don't tend to reach for it much as i prefer my Soap and Glory one more. 

There was a huge hype around this eyeliner and i honestly just can't get it to work for me, it's super fiddly and it drives me mad. It is super pigmented though and it does create super thin lines. 

Eyeliner Pencils

Avon Glimmer-stick in Black Bijoux

I pretty much use this eyeliner every day it sits amazingly on the waterline and it's super pigmented. It doesn't last too long on my eyes but thats just normal for me as my eyes are pretty much constantly watering.

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Super Black

I love this eyeliner, it's probably the best eyeliner in my collection. I haven't used it in awhile though however as i couldn't find it buried under all of my other makeup.

This is another Birchbox product and if i'm honest with you i've never used it. I don't really  have a use for a purple eyeliner, it is gorgeous though. 

Glitter Liners

Tanya Burr Glitter Liner in Treasure (no longer available)

I love the look of this eyeliner and i wanted it to work so bad but i just find that the majority of this product is the wet, sticky eyeliner base and the glitter just doesn't come through.

Tanya Burr Glitter Liner in Ice Crystals (no longer available)

Again this was another let down for me, it is super pretty but it's just mainly base with little glitter when you put it on the eye.

Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner in 3 Funk

Perfection. I love this eyeliner, it's super pigmented (if that's what you call it?) it dries down fast and it looks gorgeous on the eyes. However the applicator on mine is pretty much ruined because it's completley spread out which sucks so i have to put it on my hand then on my eye.


Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner
Ciate Fierce Flicks Liner
PS Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen
Borjouis Ultra Black Liner Feutre
MUA Wet Look Eyeliner
Wish Waterproof Eyeliner 
Maybelline Master graphic Liner
Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Liner
Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner
Tanya Burr Glitter Liner in Treasure
Tanya Burr Glitter Liner in Ice Crystals
Collection Glam Crystals Eyeliner in 3 Funk
Avon Glimmer-stick in Blackest Black
Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl in Super Black
Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Mulberry

I know that this post hasn't been as informative as my other makeup collection posts however i chose not to go into too a bunch of detail on individual product in this post as they all pretty much do the same thing and honestly most of them are the exact same quality. If you have any further questions about any of the products don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for Reading,

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mini Lush Haul

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Mini Lush Haul

Hey Whisperers,

So the other day i took a trip into town with my best friend and naturally we had to make a stop in Lush. Now if you know me you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with every product in Lush so of course i couldn't walk out without a few goodies, so today i thought i would share what i brought with you! I hope you enjoy.

First up is of course a bath bomb, this is the Fizz-banger bath bomb. Now when i saw this bath bomb i was expecting it to leave my bath looking like a pale yellow but it was the complete opposite when i used it the other day. This bath bomb erupts into a bright green swirl and i makes your bath look incredible. Something that i didn't know until reading the label of this bath bomb the other day is that it has popping candy in which i think is really cool. It smells super fresh and citrussy and it's quickly become one of my top 5 bath bombs.

I was pretty much drawn to this bath bomb as soon as i walked into the store, this is the Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a bright orange,pink, yellow and blue bath bomb (the pattern on the front is the same on the back with a yellow flower and blue centre) this bath bomb smells amazing. I was expecting it to be overly floral but it's got just the amount of floral and wood like smell that it just smells incredible. It's also quite a big bath bomb so it's definitely  worth the money.

I've recently fallen in love with Lush bubble bars, so of course i had to pick up a new one. This is the Bright-side bubble bar and it is absolutely gorgeous. With the red, orange and yellow swirls it looks like a flame when you crumble it into the water. This bubble bar leaves your bath looking like a bottle of tango, it's amazing. It's super citrussy which i love too. Obviously these bubble bars are a bit more pricey but i have used my other bubble bar 4 times now and i still have just under half left so they're 100x worth the price.

I loved the look of this MUM bath bomb as soon as i saw it, it's super cute and fun and i think it's a perfect mothers day gift. This bath bomb, like pretty much everything else from lush, smells absolutely incredible. It has both citrussy and floral scents and i think it's perfect for this time of yea. This bath bomb has 3 different layers a pink, yellow and a green layer and i can't wait to use it.

I know this haul was a little small but i wanted to share some of my recent lush purchases with you guys! I hope you've enjoyed this post.

What's your favourite Lush Product?
Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading,

Saturday, 18 March 2017

My Makeup Collection - Eye shadow Palettes

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My Makeup Collection - Eye shadow Palettes

Hey Whisperers,

This weeks makeup collection post is going to be a little different, every week I've been talking about each individual product and it's been making the posts super long so instead from now on I'm just going to be clumping products from the same brand together as i think it will make the whole post not only shorter but easier for you guys to read too! I hope you enjoy.

My Makeup Collection - Eye-Shadow Palettes

Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Collection 2017
(no longer available) 

Are you really a makeup hoarder if you don't have one of these in your collection?, I love this one by Makeup Revolution as it's completely matte and has so many incredible shades (144 to be precise). I love having palettes like these in my collection as you can get so many looks out of one palette, this one in particular has a bunch of bright colours which are amazing for the Halloween season as most people don't have palettes with just those colours (spoiler alert, I'm one of those people who does but i love these anyway) 

Something you're going to notice throughout this post is that i love my neutral shades, just like this Freedom Palette. This secret rose palette is such a beautiful neutral pink palette and I'm obsessed. It's super affordable and the shadows are pretty pigmented, i love the pan size of the eye shadows too as most other palettes have super small pans. 

As you can tell this is probably one of my most used palettes, separate review of it here. These palettes have been called dupes for the Too Faced alternative which to be honest, judging by the quality, is no joke. The pigmentation and blend-ability of the shadows in this palette is incredible, my favourite shadow clearly being the dark brown/burgundy shade in the top left (does hitting pan on one shadow in a palette justify me buying a replacement?)

Cargo Suited To A Tea Creme Eye-shadow Palette 
(No longer avaliable)

I'm pretty sure that this eye-shadow palette is my least used palette in my whole collection. I brought it on one of my TKMaxx trips and i love the colours but I've never really learnt how to use cream eye-shadows. The colours however, are absolutely gorgeous and they're all super pigmented. 

If you've been here a while you'll know that i absolutely love this palette. I brought this palette on a whim and i fell in love with it, i used it every day and as you can see I've hit pan on a few shades too. This palette is probably one of the best that i own, it's super pigmented, it has a bunch of shades and it's pretty much perfect. If you want to know more i did write a post on it last year so click here to read that.

I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother has heard of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and after receiving this one as a present i understand why. These eye-shadows are the most pigmented and soft shadows in my collection. They're super blend-able and you can get so many looks out of just this one palette, plus the palette is super small and cute!

This palette was another TKMaxx buy and i love it. I haven't used too many of the shades but the ones that i have used have been amazing,the black in this palette is pretty much the best thing ever! I love the idea of the wet to dry shades too so hopefully I'm going to try them out soon. 

No7 Christmas Eye-shadow Palette 2016 Edition 
(No longer Available)

Every year i saw this palette appear at Christmas time in Boots and i always put it on my Christmas list, then two years ago i got it and honestly, I've barley used it. It's super big so the effort of trying to get it and out of my palette drawer pretty much stops me (lazy i know). Apart from the ginormous size, the shades are beautiful and pigmented, however there is a lot of fall out. I also don't know if it's just me but opening this palette is the hardest thing ever.

My Baby. This palette has quickly become my all time favourite palette, it is super pigmented, smooth, blend-able. It's pretty much everything you want in a palette. It isn't super expensive either, costing £18, which for the quality of this palette is incredible. I can't wait to order more of these palettes, I've definitely got my eye on the Rose Gold palette and the Smoky palette too!

MUA palettes are pretty much the most basic cheap palettes that you can get in the drugstore. These palettes are super pigmented and they look amazing on the eyes, the only problem that i seem to face with them is them not blending properly which sucks but for £4 you can't really complain.

Revolution Matte Forecast Edit 2017(Not Available)
Revolution Matte 18 Edit (Not Available)
Revolution Night Shimmers (Not Available) 

Last but not least is my mini Makeup Revolution palette collection. As you can probably tell i love Makeup Revolution palettes, they're super pigmented, blend-able and they're so affordable. I got 3 of these palettes in the Makeup Revolution Christmas box and I'm so glad that i did because they have some of the most gorgeous shades ever in them. 

I haven't done swatches for this post, because lets be honest it would have made this whole post 10x longer and nobody wants to read a post that long. However, if you do want me to swatch any of the palettes mentioned don't hesitate to leave me a comment or to contact me on twitter here and i will swatch them for you 

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Thanks for Reading,

Friday, 17 March 2017

My Spring Makeup Favorites - The Big Spring Collab

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My Spring Makeup Favorites - The Big Spring Collab

Hey Whisperers,

I know you guys aren't used to a Friday post from me but this is a very exciting one. A few weeks ago I and a bunch of other bloggers were invited to take part in a big spring collab by the amazing Morgan from JustMorgs and of course i said yes! Each of us will be writing a different kind of post, mine being beauty of course, and we will all be linking each other in the posts. I hope you enjoy this post and of course don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are taking part in the post at the bottom of this post! Let's get into it.

My Spring Makeup Favourites

Starting with my base, i love to use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream mixed in with my regular primer to add a little extra oomph to my foundation. For me spring is the time for dewey skin and natural looks and i love adding this strobe balm in to make me skin that touch more dewey. I also find that it lasts well throughout the day and doesn't effect the longevity of my makeup like other strobe creams have. 

Blush, blush, blush. Honestly i don't think anything else makes a makeup look during the spring than blush. This Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen is an amazing blush colour for spring. It's the perfect pink shade and it also has gold shimmer throughout it which just adds to the overall dewey look. I'm obsessed. 

Next up is another highlighting product, but lets be honest, you can never have too much glow especially not in the spring. I love using the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Lightscapade on my cheekbones to add that little extra glow on my skin. I did do a post on this quite a while ago that you can check out here, but this shade is absolutely gorgeous, it is quite pale so i think it's perfect for all my fellow ghostly pale girls out there. It is pricey but it's 100% worth it.

As we all know i do liquid liner every day no matter the season, but one thing i do like to change up each season is my mascara. This L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes is pretty much the definition of a spring mascara, it makes your lashes look separated, thicker and longer but still keeps them looking natural which i think in spring is amazing. Obviously my liner does mean my eye looks aren't 'natural' but i do like to tone down my mascara during spring.

Last but not least is probably my all time favourite spring makeup product. Lipgloss. Now throughout the rest of the year i pretty much stick too lipstick and lip balm but in spring i love wearing gloss, my all time favourite gloss being the Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in Literally. I have already done a whole post on the whole ordering process for these products along with swatches so to read that click here but apart from that this product is the most incredible lip gloss i own. It is super pigmented and thick yet it isn't at all sticky and it looks incredible on the lips. I do wish i had ordered another gloss in a more pink shade but i do love this nude shade too. 

I love a no-makeup makeup look during the spring and i love using each one of these products to help me build a lovely dewey look. I have loved taking part in this collab and i am so grateful that i was invited to take part so don't forget to check out the other blogs that are taking part in this collab down below

The Big Spring Collab;

As always, 
Thank you for Reading,

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Birchbox Unboxing - March 2017

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Birchbox Unboxing - March 2017

Hey Whisperers,

It's that time of the month again, the time that i take you through my monthly Birchbox. I absolutely love doing these posts and sharing what i get each month and i also love reading them too. I hope you enjoy this post, so let's get into it!

Birchbox Unboxing - March 2017

If you're new to Birchbox, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that you receive each month with 5 products to try out. The products can range from sample size to full size and they also range in price. All products in the box can be found on the Birchbox website (here) where the box is purchased for £12.95 each month. 

What I Got This Month

RRP : £4.49

I'm quite excited to use this product, I've heard about dry shampoo's before but I've never heard of a dry conditioner. If you've been here for a while you'll know that i pretty much have the most dry yet grease prone hair so i can't wait to give this a try and for £4.49 for a full size can, it seems quite reasonable.

RRP : £8.00

I love trying out new shower gels and this time is no different. The first thing i did when i saw this was open it and smell it and let me tell you, it smells amazing. I love the simple packaging and the sea background. I'm really excited to try this out. Also i think this sample size is pretty good and i love the fact that it's in an actual bottle because the packets you sometimes get drive me mad. 

RRP £16.50

I was super excited when i saw that each customer would be getting one of these lipsticks. It isn't full size but it is still a pretty amazing sample size. However, I do already have this shade in my collection so I'm going to keep it in it's box and either give it away to a family member or friend or use it in an upcoming giveaway.

RRP: £22.00

I am obsessed with trying new primers so when i saw this in the little bag i was so excited. One thing that i love about the sound of this product is that its 99% natural, i love trying more natural products as i feel like they're more gentle on my skin and don't cause me to break out, so hopefully this is a good one.

Bobbi Brown Multi-Mask Kit in Radiance Boost, Instant Detox and Skin Nourish
RRP: £33.00 each 

Saving the best for last. This Multi-Mask kit from Bobbi Brown is without a doubt the most amazing product in this box. I'm pretty much obsessed with face masks and I've never tried a multi mask kit or a high end face mask either. These little masks contain 0.10 fl oz / 0.3 ml of product so i do think that I'll probably only get one mask out of them all but they're still an amazing thing to receive. 

This boxes total RRP


I honestly wasn't expecting much from this months box as obviously the Benefit lipstick is a huge sample size anyway but I've been pleasantly surprised. I am super excited to try out all the products from this months box.

If you want to try out Birchbox don't forget to use my link here to get your first box for £5! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post!
Thanks for Reading,

Disclaimer- This post is not sponsored, all products brought were brought with my own money and all opinions are my own. All Birchbox customers are given a link to invite people so i thought i would share mine.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Makeup Collection - Highlighters

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My Makeup Collection - Highlighters

Hey Whisperers,

This weeks makeup drawer is probably one of my favourites, highlighters. I, alike everyone else fell in love with highlighting last year and i kind of started hoarding them. They're all just so pretty i can't help it. I hope you enjoy!

My  Makeup Collection - Highlighters 


If you've been here a while you would have already heard me talk about this highlighter. This highlighter is absolutely amazing, it's the perfect mix of shimmer and glitter and it pretty much makes my cheekbones shine like no other highlighter does. For the price this highlighter is 100% one of my all time favourites.


These highlighters have been pretty big in the beauty community for a while and i 100% understand why. They're super pigmented, they give the perfect glow and they're ultra affordable. This one in Pink Shimmer is more of a glittery highlight but i still love mixing it with other highlighters to give me a strong glow.

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Opalescent Amber

This is probably my least used highlight in my collection and i understand completely why they've discontinued it. When i saw this in store i thought it would be super pretty but it is so dark that it just looks like I've wiped a bunch of Dorito dust on my cheekbones. However it does look amazing on the lid as an eye shadow. 


I was so disappointed with this highlighter. I had heard great things online about this brand and in particular their highlighters so i of course had to give them  a try but i kid you not this is the most dull highlighter i own. It isn't pigmented, it's chalky and it is so subtle/non existent. It's definitely not worth it. 


This is another over hyped product for me. I brought this highlighter a few weeks ago and it honestly does nothing for me, it's super sheer and it doesn't have much of a sheen to it at all. I think that it might be the shade i got as it isn't the lightest shade (which is what i normally go for because I'm a pale ass ghost) but at the same time that doesn't excuse the quality.


This highlighter was the first high end product and the first MAC product i purchased and i love it. Lightscapade is such a beautiful light highlighter and it looks incredible on the cheekbones. Of course it is a bit more pricey but it is 100% worth it. I want to invest in soft and gentle soon too.


This powder has been sitting in my drawer for a while now and i haven't really touched it. It's super chalky and soft but it definitely has a lot of pigment to it and when mixed together it's a beautiful light highlighter. I love using the white shade on my inner corner because it is so amazingly light. 


If you read my Birchbox posts (here) you would know that i got this in a box a few months ago. Now considering how many liquid/cream highlighters i have i don't really use many of them and this one is definitely one of my less used ones. It's super small and i just feel like I'm going to ruin it all every time i go to use it. It is super pigmented and creamy though, i just don't think it's worth £17.


I love this strobe cream. I pretty much use this product daily with my primer to help give me a more dewey look. It isn't too shimmery but it adds the perfect amount of highlight to my base that just makes my makeup look so fresh and natural. I definitely recommend giving it a try.


I only brought this highlighter about a week ago so i haven't had much of a chance to try it out but what i can say is that this is one of the most incredibly pigmented and creamy highlighters i have ever swatched and i am pretty much in love with it already. I definitely recommended going into store and trying it out 


I don't really have much to say about this highlighting stick, it's easy to use, it's fast and it's pretty much just an easy option for powder. However, i do recommend setting it because it's definitely sticky on the face but it's a good base for powders as it helps to make a regular highlighter look 10x better. 

PS.. Highlighter

This highlighter was one of the first that Primark brought out and honestly it isn't too bad. It tugs at the skin a bit because it isn't very creamy but if you warm it up on your hand a little bit it works fine. I think it's a great option for beginners in makeup or if you're on a budget.

£5 (£21.50 full size)

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of this highlighter and unfortunately for it definitely doesn't work as well as i wish it did. Every-time I've tried to use this highlighter it's just clung to my foundation and then it's separated on my skin and it just looks a mess. I don't know if theirs something I'm doing wrong with it but i just can't get it to work.

I did try to do swatches for this post but capturing these highlighters on camera didn't go so well, so instead i'm going to post video swatches up on my twitter so make sure you head over there to check them out!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, i definitely have an obsession with highlighters but i can't help buying more.

What is your favourite highlighter?
Let me know in the comments down below!

As Always,
Thanks For Reading,