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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Beauty Blogger Tag

Hey Whisperers,

Us bloggers love tags, so when i saw this one on Bloglovin' the other day i knew that i had to give it a try. I do want to completely give credit to the amazing Life As Lois May as i found these questions on her blog! I hope you enjoy this post, i have tagged a few people at the end of the post but feel free to join in and write your own post if you want to!

What is your favourite high street beauty product?

Most of my beauty products are 'high street' products so this is a hard one for me. I think overall my all time favourite high street beauty product is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I have so many of these in my makeup collection and i solely blame Zoella for it. I'm not really the kind of person to rush out and buy something because someone i watch/read mentions it but this for me was one of the things i did try. Zoe did a makeup tutorial when she had some acne and this concealer completely covered it which for me just made me want it right there and then as i had pretty bad skin, and well, I've been obsessed ever since.

Which beauty blogger do you always turn to for beauty advice?

When it comes to personally talking to someone about beauty products it has to be Leah Prescott or Georgia's Beauty Box, they both love makeup just as much as me so they're amazing to speak to about products. Alongside them, when it comes to blog posts on beauty products i love LuxuryBlush and MakeupwithJayxo both blogs have some incredible posts on them and i find myself going back and re reading posts they've already posted again.

Most instagrammable beauty product out there?

Lipsticks are always a hit on Instagram. The most popular ones that i see everywhere are the YSL lipsticks and the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I think because both of them are super elegant and luxurious they just look incredible when photographed.

What do you make of Huda Beauty?

I don't own anything from Huda Beauty, but they look like they have some incredible products. I personally think that £56 for an eyeshadow palette is a lot of money and i personally don't think I would ever be able to spend that on one product. However the quality does look amazing and the shadows are gorgeous. I think that it's incredible that Huda has created such a big brand from just her social media.

What is your favourite high end beauty product?

I  don't really think that Zoeva is a 'high end' beauty product but i am obsessed with their Caramel Melange palette. For something more pricey i love the Benefit Hoola bronzer, it is just so pigmented and blendable, it is pricey for what it is but it is definitely worth the money.

CHANEL or Dior?

I don't personally own anything from Chanel or Dior but from trying out their products in store i definitely favour Chanel, the packaging, quality and the overall look of it is so incredibly beautiful and luxurious. When it comes to fragrance i also love the Chanel fragrances they're so strong and they just smell absolutely incredible.

What is your most embarrassing beauty blunder?

I used to be super obsessed with black eyeliner. I'd wear it on my upper and lower water line, with winged eyeliner and then I'd smudge it too. I literally looked like a panda. I also never used to touch my brows and they used to look like complete and utter slugs, i cringe now looking at my ID because they look so bad it's unreal.

Share a beauty tip?

Don't take makeup too seriously. If you want to wear a bright yellow shadow, do it. If you want to wear orange blush do it. Makeup is an outlet for how you feel and it is so important not to take it so seriously. Growing up I became so dependent on makeup, so bad that i wouldn't even walk to the end of my driveway without it on. I wish i could go back and tell myself that I didn't need to rely on makeup so much.

I nominate these amazing bloggers for this tag

Georgia -

Leah - 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's been a while since i did a tag so i thought this would be a fun post! 

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