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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

B. Latex Free Blending Sponge- Product Review

Hey Whisperers,

So last Thursday i took a trip to town with my family and i made a pit stop in Superdrug. I only went in to pick up another primer but as i usually do, i ended up picking up a bunch of other things too. One of which was the B. Blending Sponge. I kind of have a new obsession with blending sponges, i don't know why but i love them, but no matter what kind of brush i use they just don't compare to the coverage you get from a blending sponge. Alongside my recent obsession for sponges, the price of this product was a huge reason that i got it. £3.32, ok WHAT?! how could i not get it for that price.

The main thing (apart from the price) that drew me to this sponge was the colour. My regular blending sponge the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, is a bright orange colour, which although i love, i still manage to lose amongst all of my makeup products. However the bright pink colour of this blending sponge makes it practically impossible to lose. I also just love the colour in general, I'm not really a big fan of pink it's actually probably my least liked colour, but something about this colour i loved.

When i tried out the sponge i tried it out damp, depending on the time i am doing my makeup depends on the temperature water i use (mornings- cold, afternoon/night- warm). I dampen all of my blending sponges as it helps them to blend the product and also helps to stop the sponge absorbing too much of the product you are applying. One thing that i noticed about the sponge was that it became a lot softer, something that i love about beauty sponges, as i believe that it is a lot gentler on your skin.

When trying out the sponge i used it alongside my everyday foundation, the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. In the picture above you can see how much the sponge expanded after being dampened, compared to the foundation bottle. When applying my foundation the sponge blended it perfectly. It left no streaks or lines in the foundation and left my foundation looking medium to full coverage while also making my face feel hydrated. The sponge also didn't absorb nearly as much product as other blending sponges that i have used which i think is probably because of how much water it absorbed when i dampened it.

After using the sponge i cleaned it using my Real Techniques deep cleansing gel . One thing i didn't love about cleaning this sponge was how long it took to get all of the cleaner out of it. Usually when i use this cleanser on my other sponges it is quite easy to get out, however when using it with the B. sponge it took quite a while to fully get out of the sponge. I do think that this is because of how absorbent the sponge is and not the cleaner. Because this was the first time i had used the sponge i found it quite easy to get the foundation itself out of the sponge however, i do think that the more you use the sponge the harder it will be to get the foundation colour out of the sponge, something i don't mind too much, but i know others do.

Overall, i love this sponge and for the price i don't think that i really have any complaints. The sponge is normally £4.99,  which personally, i still believe is an amazing price for a sponge of this quality. I would highly recommend getting this sponge if you want to try a blending sponge for the first time because it is so affordable. If you have any questions i didn't answer in this post feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo


  1. this is so helpful! thank you :)

  2. It might just me, but I find this sponge as hard as a rock. I can literally hear it bounce from my face and I just don't think it does a very good job at blending my foundation. I much prefer the real techniques sponge, it's a lot softer and gets the job done a lot easier. But maybe there are inconstencies with the products, it also happens with the Rt sponges.