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Sunday, 21 February 2016


Welcome back whisperers,

So over the past few days I've seen a lot of people using the #freekesha hashtag all over social media. The whole ordeal is so sickening and vile that i couldn't not write a post about it.

If you don't know about #freekesha, it is a hashtag that was created by fans to show support to the pop singer Kesha after she lost a plea in court against Dr Luke (the man she said sexually and mentally abused her) and Sony. Most people writing about this think that she has lost the case however she hasn't and instead lost the early plea to be able to personally create music, without the help of Dr Luke , but still have the music prompted by Sony.

However, this doesn't make the hearing any less sickening. Although there is no way of proving that Kesha was physically or mentally abused, being forced to stay in a contract with a person who may or may not have abused her is disgusting. It's like saying, yeah I'll send my child to a babysitter, but they may or may not he a paedophile. You wouldn't think twice you just wouldn't do it, you wouldn't risk their safety.

The one thing that annoys me the most about this whole scandal is the fact that yes because it is Kesha it is in the limelight, but this happens everyday. People are raped, yet when they go to court, they're interrogated and made to appear as if it was their own fault. Nobody deserves to be raped.

If you're wearing a short skirt and have your boobs out, you aren't "asking for it". If you're flirting with someone, doesn't mean they have the right to do it.
No means no, no matter the situation.

The double standards in the music industry are a joke. How can people like Zayn just up and leave a contract because they're "unhappy", yet a woman who may have been raped is forced to stay?. How can a man like Chris Brown who beat a woman have a thriving career, yet a woman who just simply wants to leave a contract is belittled and made to feel inferior because she's scared to work with a man who could have abused her. Its wrong.
Everyone is throwing the blame onto the courts, and while yes they are at a huge fault Sony are just as bad. They could snap their fingers right now and give Kesha the right to her voice back but they haven't. She has practically had her voice taken away. It's disgusting.It's the 21st Century things like this shouldn't be happening.

So many celebrities have spoke up and let their feelings be known, which i think in itself is amazing. But alongside celebrities, thousand of fans and people have come together to support Kesha. It shows what a messed up society we live in, where everyone knows what's happening is wrong but the courts deem it ok.

I honestly think that the more this gets talked about the more that Sony will realise the reality of the choices they are making. So to keep it short, yes i am definitely a supporter of #FreeKesha, not only to support a woman who has lost the right to her own voice, but for victims of rape all over the world who are made to feel alone, belittled and pathetic because of the justice system everyday.


Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

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