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Monday, 15 February 2016

My first week of blogging.

Hey whisperers,

Yesterday, valentines day, marked my first week of blogging. When i started this blog i never really knew what i wanted to blog about or how much i wanted to blog. I still don't. I never realised how much i would love blogging. Originally this blog was just going to be a personal blog, just for me. I wrote it on word because i was too scared to post it online. But the more i posts i wrote the more i realised that i wanted to post for other people too. On Sunday 7th January 2016 i decided to move my blog online and it was the best decision i have ever made. I searched online for hours trying to find a theme i loved and i found one at 2 am on the same day. I know i haven't got my own purchased domain name or theme but that doesn't make me love my blog any less and one day i will have that, but for now i love my crisp woodland theme.

Over the past week i have been so happy. All of my problems have been thrown away and i have focused on my blog instead of on things that don't matter. It's amazing how much one week can change things. I never thought i would reach 100 views in just 3 days! I know compared to other bloggers  that nothing but to me it's amazing. 

My little corner on the Internet has been viewed by 100 people. 

I was so nervous to share this blog with anyone that i know. I guess writing to people online that i don't know is a lot easier than to people i know. I know it sounds strange but i guess that hearing something negative from someone i don't know would be a lot easier than hearing it from someone i know. However last night when i was taking a picture for my Instagram (which you can find on my social media page at the top of the page) i accidentally sent the picture to my best friend. She read my blog and she loved it and now I'm not so sure why i was scared at all. 

Joining the blogging world wasn't something i was planning to do this year but I'm so glad i did. I am still new though. I don't know everything, my drafts pile is a mess and so is my planner, but i'll get the hang of it right?.  I never really realised how much work goes into blogging and now i do and i admire those who have blogged for a lot longer than me. Blogging is hard work but i love it. 

The past week has been both amazing and stressful but i wouldn't change it for the world, it's been perfect. 

So that was today's post, i hope you have enjoyed it they'll be many more posts to come! Let me know if you have a blog too, comment your blog link below and i'll make sure to read it!!

Thank you for reading,

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