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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Product Review- Avon Big & Daring Mascara

Hey Whisperers,

A few weeks ago i ordered the new Big & Daring Mascara from Avon and when i tried it out the other day i knew i had to do a review on it.  When i first got the mascara i was just expecting it to be like any other mascara, i have but it is amazing.

I own a lot of mascaras, alongside eyeliner, mascara is one of my favourite makeup products. Up until this point my favourite mascara has been the High Impact Mascara by Clinique. However this mascara has quickly taken the top spot. When i first got the mascara i was expecting it to be pretty plain, just a normal drugstore mascara that i could carry in my small makeup purse, however it has exceeded my expectations.

Avon Big & Daring Mascara- 10ml- Black
The first thing i noticed about the mascara was of course the packaging, the mascara comes in a black box with the Big & Daring logo on it. One thing i have always loved about Avon is the packaging of their products. I love the small details on the actual mascara tube,the red diamond on the top and the silver strip around the middle something i have noticed they have on most of their products. 

For me packaging is a big sell point on a product and i definitely think this packaging is beautiful.

The next thing i love about the product is the wand. When I first saw the brush i was quite nervous about using it. My eyes aren't the largest and my eyelashes clump together quite easily, so i was worried that i would either end up with mascara all over my eyelid or just end up with 'spidery' clumped lashes, however this was not the case. The slight curve of the brush makes it so easy to separate and coat the lashes with the mascara which i loved and it also made it easier to control where the product was going.

Left to Right : No Makeup, One Layer of Mascara, Second Layer of Mascara, Finished eye makeup

When i applied the first layer of the mascara i was surprised at how dark it made my lashes, as you can see in the first picture my lashes aren't dark at all. One problem i have with a lot of mascaras is being able to reach the lashes in the middle corner but the wand of this mascara reached them straight away without a problem. If you were going for a more natural look i think that one coat of this mascara is more than enough. However, if like me you like super dark, long lashes i would add another coat. Usually i find that lashes start to clump together a lot more when you apply a second coat however this didn't happen the lashes stayed separated which i loved. 

After i applied the rest of my makeup i knew that this mascara was going to be my new everyday go to mascara. This mascara has everything i would want a mascara to have. The formula is thin enough to coat. volumize and curl the lashes without being too thick to apply a second coat. I also love how long wearing the mascara is, i wore this mascara to work and normally halfway through my shift some of my mascara will have worn off and 'crumbled' beneath my eyes which lets be honest nobody wants, however this mascara lasted the whole shift. 

One problem i did have with this mascara is that it is quite hard to remove, something that i don't necessarily mind however i thought that i would warn you. It took me a little bit longer to get this mascara off I'm not sure whether it was because i used more than one coat or if it was just because it is so long wearing. 

Overall i would suggest this mascara if you're looking for a new affordable mascara as it is quite affordable and is definitely a good product. The formula is great and it is incredibly long lasting making it perfect for long days of fun nights out.

If you try out this mascara let me know below how you liked it. Also let me know if you have any products you would like me to try out!

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo  

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