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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Product Review- Freedom Lipsticks.

Hey whisperers,

I was doing some online shopping a few weeks ago when i came across a new brand on Superdrug. I love trying out new makeup so i thought i would give it a look. This was when i discovered Freedom Makeup. 

The first thing i noticed about the Freedom brand is that it is very affordable. One thing i love about makeup is lipsticks, i think they can help turn any makeup look into something special and so when i saw the Freedom lipsticks i couldn't not give them a try.

I brought two boxes of the Freedom lipsticks. Each box has five lipsticks in and costs five pounds each. The packaging of the lipsticks is pretty much the same as any other lipstick you would find in the drugstore, it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. One thing i like about the packaging which i also like about other lipsticks from brands such as MUA is that the bottom of the 'tube' shows the colour of the lipstick. I have found that more high end lipsticks don't have this in their lipstick packaging. However i find it useful as it helps you to locate the lipstick you want without having to go through all the lipsticks and opening each one. 

The quality of the lipsticks is pretty much what you would expect from a drugstore lipstick. I wouldn't say they are comparable to brands such a Mac or Bare-minerals which i didn't expect because of the price. However i do think they can be compared to lipsticks from brands such as Rimmel and GOSH. The initial feeling of the lipstick is waxy and i know this is a big put off for some people but when i went over my lips a few times the lipstick consistency completely changed and was much more moisturising which surprised me. 

The lasting time of these lipsticks isn't that bad either. I would consider using a lip liner with these lipsticks as they do tend to bleed into the skin quite fast but they do last for a considerable time on the lips. The lipsticks do dry glossy and they are very transferable but for a pound lipstick i think they are great, especially if you are just starting out or if you're building up a makeup kit. 

The two sets of lipsticks i brought where the Reds Collection which as the name suggest contained five different red shades and the Vamp Noir Collection which contained five different 'dark', 'vampy' shades. 

The Vamp Noir Collection- 

Intense Noir
The first lipstick in the Vamp Noir collection is Intense Noir. This is possibly my favourite lipstick out of all of these lipsticks. The dark colour of the lipstick is my favourite colour of purple for my lips (as you can tell from the used bullet). This colour is only what i can describe as a plum purple it is not quite opaque but after around two coats it looks great on the lips. 

Dark Paradise
The next shade, Dark Paradise, looks a lot lighter when you look at the bullet however when you apply it to the lips it is a lot darker. Although not as dark as Intense Noir it is also a great purple colour. I would highly suggest this colour if you are looking to try out some darker colours as it will allow you to go a bit darker without having to go really dark. 

Dawn Till Dusk
This next lipstick, Dawn Till Dusk, is a lot lighter than the previous two lipsticks but i still think it is a beautiful shade. I know looking at it it looks very bright but when on the lips it isn't as bright. I think that this colour would look great with a shimmery eye shadow, bronzed face look. 

Vamp Noir
The first thing i love about this lipstick is the name, Vamp Noir i just think that the name itself is beautiful. I also do really love the colour, i find it really hard to find a red lipstick that doesn't make me look like a complete clown however i find that this one is the perfect shade as it isn't too bright.

Pure Vamp
This shade is the lightest in the collection and honestly i don't think it really fits with the rest of the lipsticks in this collection. This shade is a lot lighter than the other shades and i also found that it is a lot more sheer than the other lipsticks. The colour itself is a nice colour and i think it would look great with a valentines look however i don't think it really fits with the 'Vampy'' look of the other lipsticks. 

The Red Collection
(Unfortunately one of these lipsticks isn't in this review as it did come broken)

Born With It
When i first saw this lipstick i was worried about the bubblegum barbie look of it, however when i tried it on the lips i fell more in love with it. When applied on the lips the colour is more sheer and also a touch darker than it is in the bullet. I think that this lipstick is a great lipstick for everyday wear as it isn't too in your face and looks quite natural. 

Make Me Crazy
This next lipstick is what i consider to be the classic red, it isn't too dark but isn't too light. This shade is much more opaque than the previous lipstick and looks great on the lips. Alike many of the other lipsticks it looks a lot lighter in the bullet but it is a lot darker on the lips. If you're looking to try the signature red but don't want to spend a lot of money on it i highly suggest this lipstick. 

This lipstick is a lot like the last lipstick however it is just a little bit lighter and a lot sheerer. I find that when you put all of the red collection lipsticks together they all pretty much look the same but have a few subtle difference. This shade is a bit brighter than the previous shade and looks a little bit more 'fake' in my opinion. 

Red Wine
The final lipstick in this collection is Red Wine. I love this shade as although it is quite similar to Make Me Crazy this shade has a more cranberry colour which looks amazing on the lips. I think that this lipstick would look great on someone with pale skin. 

Overall i think that these lipsticks are an amazing buy for just five pounds for five. I think that they are the perfect buy if you are just starting in makeup and want to get your hands on a few different shades of makeup.  However i do believe that the quality is what you pay for and in turn the lipsticks do have a waxy layer when you first use them and not all of them are as opaque as i would like them. 

Freedom doesn't only sell lipsticks, it also has a range of eyebrow, contour, strobe, eye shadow, primers, bases and tools available online at, if you would like me to try out any of their other products let me know below by linking the product you would like me to try. 

Thank You for reading,
Soph xoxo

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