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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Dreaded Writers Block

Hey Whisperers,

I've hit the dreaded moment that all us bloggers hate, writer's block. I love blogging i really do but for some reason no matter what i start writing it just doesn't flow. I've spent the day lying in bed watching Netflix and eating chocolate, i made a short trip to the shop and that's pretty much all I've done. Exciting right? 

Right now i wish i could be here. sat in my comfy warm bed, listening to Adele and blogging about something that actually matters. Something that you would actually would want to read. But believe me it's not happening. I've spent the last hour writing post after post and saving them to my drafts box because none of them are worth reading and it's driving me crazy.

This week is a more rushed week at work and although i want to sit down and right blog post after blog post about interesting things nothing seems to be happening. I'm staring at the screen hoping something will magically appear but right now my brain probably looks more like a blob of jelly instead of a hub of ideas.

I know what i have to write, i have pages of blog posts sorted in my notebook just waiting to be written and posted, but i just can't bring myself to write any of them. I guess we all have these feelings sometimes right?  Hopefully my motivation will start flowing again soon. 

If you have any tips for overcoming writers block, let me know below! 

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

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