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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Finding myself as a blogger

Hey Whisperers, 

It's been awhile since i wrote a post and honestly i don't know why. When i first started blogging i was completely in love, i still am, but i threw myself into blogging and it was all i cared about. As time went on i realised i wouldn't be able to keep up the daily blogging, something i really wanted to do. 

Becoming a blogger was something i never thought would be so difficult. Planning posts, pictures, links, labels, editing, watermarking, scheduling there are so many things i didn't think about before i dived straight in. Don't get me wrong they don't make me love blogging any less, if anything they make me love it more. 

They just make the whole process a little more rewarding.  

Since starting this blog i have never been so happy, but at the same time i have never felt so drained. Compared to other bloggers my posts are nothing but notes, but for me they are a lot. I put so much into my posts and i am such a perfectionist about them that sometimes it even annoys me.

A lot of the posts i have posted so far have been about stuff that yes i love, but things that i think people would like to read. I think that i needed to take the time away that i have to realise that this is my blog, something that may seem obvious but for me wasn't the easiest thing for me to realise. 

I've been blogging now for almost a month and I'm still so new to the blogging world but i have already learnt so much and i thought i would share a few of those things with you. 

Things i have learnt in the past month of blogging- 

Photo editing- For the past two years of my life i studied Media in sixth form/college, and i fell head over heels in love with editing. Video editing, photo editing, audio editing. Before i started editing my blog pictures i pretty much thought that most of the instagram filters and simple photo shop filters were the best thing to quickly edit pictures but i have learnt that there are so many more ways to create higher quality pictures.

Watermarking pictures -  My blog may be small but i put so much work into my posts and pictures that i don't want to risk them being stolen ( even though it's pretty unlikely). 

Managing social media- Ok, don't get me wrong, before i started this blog i wasn't completely oblivious to the social media world but i have never had to manage an account that stood for something other than, random selfies and pictures of things i find mildly cool. 

Views aren't everything- I'm not going to lie, every blogger wants their blog to be successful, for the hard work they put in to pay off. But views really aren't everything. It is nice to check my stats and see the numbers creeping up but it doesn't mean your blog isn't good if it doesn't get views straight away. You have to work to achieve your goals. 

I guess what i am saying is that although blogging may be a long process, it is completely worth it. 

Although i have enjoyed my time away from blogging i am so ready to be back to my mindless rambles and reviews in my little corner of the Internet. I am still trying to find myself as a blogger and a person and i know i may not fit into the blogging world too well, but i enjoy the journey i am on and i can't wait to continue. 

Thank you for reading,
Soph xoxo

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