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Thursday, 31 March 2016

For the love of coffee.

Hey Whisperers,

For the past two years i have been completely in love with my Tassimo coffee machine. It makes getting the perfect coffee so easy, however over the past few months it's started to drive me crazy. My tassimo machine is quite large and although i love my coffee i do sometimes go through periods of not wanting to drink it at all and my tassimo just sits there collecting dust.

The other day while shopping i tried out the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine and i fell in love. The small machine was amazing compared to the big bulky tassimo i already have and it was quiet. Something my Tassimo definitely isn't. There isn't anything wrong with my tassimo machine, it is just loud, bulky and is getting a little old. Alongside the machine itself getting the specific flavours of drinks i like is hard and it is quite pricey to order off the website as you have to spend £40 before they will deliver, which is a lot of money on coffee. Because of this i decided to get a new machine.

The machine i decided to get is the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Black. I got my machine from Argos in the sale and it cost me £44.99, which isn't too bad for a coffee machine. I love the shape and size of the machine as it isn't too small for what i need and fits perfectly behind the door in my kitchen,  The machine itself is a slim black machine, it has hot and cold settings for both hot and chilled drinks and has a 0.8l tank. The tank is a lot smaller than my old Tassimo machine which i love because it means i will be wasting less water.

One of the main things that drew me to this machine was not only the style, price and size but also the availability and range of the pods themselves. The Nescafe range is INCREDIBLE. There are so many different kinds, strengths, sizes and flavours of not only coffee and tea but also fruit and iced drinks. My favourite hot drink is a Chai Tea Latte, a drink i first tried when i got my Tassimo machine, However, it is so hard to get a hold of in the tassimo capsules. However most shops stock it in the Nescafe range. Alongside this the iced drinks are also some of my favourites and i love the fact that the Nescafe machine gives you the option for hot or cold drinks on the machine.

I know this post was a little more informative than normal but i am completely in love with my new coffee machine and i thought i would just let you guys know a little bit about it! If you have any drink flavours you think i should try let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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