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Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hey Whisperers, 

If you've been here awhile you would know that i LOVE piercings and tattoos. Over the past few months i have fallen more and more in love with septum piercings. Every time i logged into my Pintrest account ( something i do daily, that site is way too addicting), i saw a septum piercing post and the more i saw it the more i fell in love. 

I finally decided i was going to get it done and i  went and got it done with a friend on Saturday 12th March. Now going with a friend is something i highly suggest because going it alone would definitely make the experience a lot more daunting. 

 As we walked into the piercing shop and told the staff what we wanted we were faced with the statement that I'm not going to lie almost put me off. The lady behind the counter told us that she had 21 piercings in total and the septum was the most painful. Now don't get me wrong, i don't mind pain. I just wasn't ready for that statement. I almost wussed out. ALMOST. 

As she went through and set up i decided that i was going to get it done. 

Ok so actually getting the piercing. Me and my friend got it done at the same time because let's be honest if she had it done first i would have probably wussed out. Anyway, we went into a room and the piercers clamped our noses and found the right position for the piercing, which will definitely make your eyes water. So unlike me i suggest going in with no makeup on. When you get your septum pierced it doesn't go through the cartilage of the nose nor the skin it goes through the 'soft spot' between the two. It may sound gross but if you feel the inside of the tip of your nose you'll be able to feel it. 

The small pocket between the blue strip and the nasal septum cartilage (green) 
portion is the area that the septum is pierced. As you can see it is a very 
small place to pierce and so  it is important to go to a well trained piercer as
 it is easy to mess up a septum piercing by either piercing cartilage, not getting 
the piercing straight or doing it too high or low on the nose. 
After they clamped it they pierced our noses with a needle. Now, i am not going to lie to you. This was very very painful. I know it sounds dramatic but if you are thinking of getting this piercing i would prefer to tell you and you either wuss out or go for it instead of you going in and not being prepared. The pain was quick and fast however it was very painful. 

If you have had any other kind of piercing you will know that the needle has a plastic tube which they then pull through the piercing and use to insert the piercing jewelry. When i had my Tragus and Helix pierced this part didn't hurt at all it was more of a sting but with my septum it hurt a lot more. After my jewelry was inserted and in place, like if you had been stabbed with a needle anywhere else i bled. I didn't bleed a lot which the piercer was shocked about but hey i didn't mind at all. After i cleaned up and paid i was all done. 

However, one thing that i didn't see much on the Internet when i was researching this piercing was the after pain. After i left the piercing place and my piercing was done, of course it was tender and still is but the pain of actually getting it pierced lasted for around an hour, something that our piercer warned us about. It wasn't excruciating pain but i was definitely aware of it and it was very uncomfortable.  

The aftercare tips we were given for the piercing was to clean it twice a day with a salt solution and try to touch it as little as possible. When you make the salt solution make sure you use sea salt as regular salt contains iodine. The iodine in regular salt can irritate your skin further so it is always best to stick to pure sea salt (the brand i use is the Original Cornish Sea Salt which i found at my local grocery store)

The healing time for this piercing varies on the person. My piercer said to leave the jewelry in for at least 6 months and to clean it twice a day for the whole six months. However online it does say that it can be taken out as soon as 6-12 weeks after it is pierced. I personally will be leaving it in probably until August (5 months). I plan on going back to my piercer to get her to check it before i change it because i don't want to risk anything with the piercing.

I got my piercing done at a local tattoo parlour. I got an offer on the piercing so i got it for only £10, which is an amazing price for a septum piercing as they normally cost between £20-£35. They are a very painful piercing and the aftercare is very tedious but i do highly suggest getting it done, you just have to be willing to put time into the aftercare too. 

One thing i also suggest is if you have a job, checking with your workplace before you get any face piercings as some workplaces have very strict piercing policies.

As far as the healing process so far for me, i think it is doing ok. My nose is still swollen and tender, which is normal. I can move the ring and i just take ibuprofen if the pain is a little bit too much which it has only been once. I am waiting for the swelling to go down to see if i will be able to flip the piercing up for work, if i can't flip it up i may have to go back and see if she can change the jewelry for me. I will make sure to do update posts in the future to let you know if anything changes. 

I know this post was a bit more detailed than my last piercing post but after researching this piercing and not having too much information i thought i would go all in for you guys.

If you're thinking about getting your septum pierced and have any other questions don't hesitate to comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer- All experiences written about are my own, the pain and healing process is different for each individual.

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