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Sunday, 27 March 2016

My top 10 favourite youtubers!

Hey Whisperers,

I've been a huge fan of YouTube for the past 5 years and over the past 5 years i have fell more and more in love with YouTube. I don't really have a specific kind of YouTuber that i watch because i do watch so many but today i thought i would share my top 10 YouTubers with you!


First on the list is Grav3yardgirl. I've been watching Bunny for 5 years, she was one of the first people i subscribed to on YouTube and i am so glad i did. Her wacky personality and love for her subscribers is INSANE! Growing up i never really had a person i looked up to but i definitely look up to Bunny i don't know why, but she has just been the one YouTuber i go to watch when i feel down because i know her videos will make me smile. She is just such a positive person and i love the fact that she is so accepting of everyone and doesn't exclude anyone. 


Second on the list is, Daily Bumps. Daily Bumps is a daily vlogging channel ran by Missy and Bryan Lanning and i LOVE it. I first started watching Daily Bumps in 2014 when they first had their son Oliver and let me just tell you he is the cutest little boy ever. I've followed the channel throughout the past two years and i don't know what it is about them but i can't help but tune in everyday to watch their vlogs! 


Next up is the Shaytards. The Shaytards are also family vloggers and they are amazing. I've been watching the Shaytards for 5 years now and they were actually the first youtube channel i ever subscribed to. Over the past 5 years I've seen the shaytards family go from a family of 6 living in LA to a family of 7 who travel the country, live in Idaho and have an amazing channel. 


Ok so i'm maybe more than a little bit in love with this YouTube channel. Nikkietutorials does the most AMAZING makeup tutorials and her makeup is always beautiful. One thing i love about Nikkie is the fact that although she loves makeup she constantly reminds her viewers that you don't have to wear makeup to look beautiful it just accentuates the beauty you already have. One of my favourite videos my Nikkie is the power of makeup because of how powerful the message behind it was. 

Ellie and Jared

Next up is Ellie and Jared. Ellie and Jared are another set of daily vloggers and they are adorable. They have been through so much which they have shared on their youtube channel and i can only wish that one day i will be in a relationship as strong as theirs. I've been subscribed to Ellie and Jared's channel since they had their first son Jackson and i have loved seeing their family grow and seeing their friendships with other vloggers like Daily Bumps grow too. 


The cimorelli sisters are an amazing band and i am completely in love with their music. I have been subscribed to the cimorelli channel for around 3 years and i love the message that they send to their subscribers. The cimorelli sisters each have a completely different personality which makes watching their videos so much fun. Their original songs are amazing some of my favourites are; You're Worth It, Hearts on Fire and I got you.


Ok so i'm guessing you know who Danisnotonfire is and if not where have you been.. I don't remember when i first subscribed to Dan but i am so glad i did. His videos are hilarious and i can't help but going back and re watching most of them. One series that Dan does called Internet Support Group is one of my favourite series as it is both funny and gives viewers the opportunity to interact with Dan.


I only recently subscribed to this channel (around 5 months ago) and i look forward to their videos every week. Clevver style is part of the Clevver youtube channels and the 'shows' on the channel are hilarious my favourite being Beauty Break. 


I'm not much of a gamer but i love danandphilgames. This channel is run by Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) and the content is  great. One of my favourite series they have created is the Sims series simply because they get so into the game that it's hard not to love it. 


I'm pretty much sure that anyone who's ever been on the Internet knows who Zoella aka Zoe Sugg is. It's pretty hard not to love Zoe's channel, her personality is so bubbly and kind and it shows in her videos. Her love for her subscribers is insane and i also love the fact that she does share so much about her anxiety on her channel because although i don't suffer from anxiety i know how much her advice helps people. 

So those where my top 10 youtubers! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know below your favourite youtubers!!

Thank you for reading,

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