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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What I Want This Blog To Be + Uploading Schedule

Hey Whisperers,

After my break from blogging i realised that if i'm going to do this i need to get serious about it. Over the past few days i've been compiling lists of posts i want to do and projects i want to work on. The first thing i wanted to do was change the look of my blog, which if you've been here before, you'll notice i did. I absolutely love this new theme and i think it is a lot more like me than the last theme i had. If you want any other information on my theme comment down below or message me, honestly finding a theme took me ages so i don't mind helping anyone else with figuring out because let's face it html coding takes a lot of time aha. 

Anyways, back to what this  posts  really about. My Uploading Schedule. I realised pretty soon that daily posts wasn't going to work for me and so i have decided to post three times a week. 

On Tuesdays i will be doing Beauty posts where i will be reviewing, trying out and talking about new products i love.

On Thursdays i will be doing Lifestyle posts, where i will be talking about things i've been doing, places i've been, advice, rants and a lot of other things.

And Finally, Sunday's are going to be my free day, where i can post anything i want, Beauty, Lifestyle, Blogging Updates, Milestones, anything. 

I think that having this structure will help not only me as a blogger but you as a reader to understand my blogs more, which is obviously what i want. 

Another thing i've been thinking about a lot is what i want this blog to be. My goal for this blog is for it to be a place where people can come and escape their lives for a while. Chill out and be free because i know sometimes life gets hectic and you just want to take a moment to calm down and escape from life. I want whoever enters my little corner of the internet to feel safe, to feel like they can talk freely without being judged. I want this to be an escape for not just me as a blogger but for you as a reader, and if this blog becomes an escape for even just one person I will have reached my goal.

Anyways, i hope that you enjoyed this rambling post! If you have any other questions about my uploading schedule or blog goals don't hesitate to contact me, after all this is all for you!!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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