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Thursday, 14 April 2016

How to survive high school.

Hey Whisperers,

For me surviving high school (well senior school in the UK) was hard. I dealt with a lot of things, bullying, balancing work, studies, friendships and relationships. To be honest it was one big car crash. But looking back now i kinda miss it. Growing up my parents always said that i would miss school when i was finished and i never believed them, and so i guess this is my way of saying they were right. So today i thought i would give you guys some tips on how to survive high school, seeing as i've been thinking about it all so much recently. 

One thing that is a MUST for surviving high school, is surrounding yourself with the right people. Now i know making friends is hard believe me i know, but there is nothing more comforting and amazing than having a group of friends you can go through high school with. For me, i met my friends throughout the years of school. I struggled a lot in the beginning as i didn't want drama, i just wanted to fit in and i soon realised that fitting in wasn't what i needed to do. I needed to be me. Realising this helped me find some of the most amazing friends, friends i still have today. You will have friends, you will fall out and you will lose friends, it will suck and it will hurt but there will always be someone else going through the same thing as you. There's always someone else out there who needs someone too. So don't shy away from people, because having those friends by your side to help you through what seems the never ending years of high school, is the best feeling. 

Ok, moving on from that cheesy paragraph. Another thing that i can not push hard enough is KEEP YOUR DRAMA OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. Oh my god, going through high school every kind of drama, small or big was all over Facebook and Twitter and it just made it much more of a struggle than it needed to be. I know that it feels so good to get your anger out by posting a indirect on Twitter but let's think this through guys, is it really worth it?. When i was 14 i was one of those people who threw my drama onto Facebook and it made the whole situation worse. People got involved that didn't have anything to do with it, so many more people got hurt, into crap and to be honest it was all one huge shit tip and it was ridiculous. If like me you need to get your anger out write it down , go on BlahTherapy and vent to someone you don't know. Don't put it on Facebook or Twitter where everyone knows you because once you put it out there it will never go away, all it takes is one person to screenshot it and it will circulate like nobodies business. 

Next up is studying. Now i know you probably hear this all the time from your parents, teachers ect. But studying helps surviving high school so much easier. First of all you won't have to deal with your parents bugging you about your grades. Or your teacher giving you detention for the F grade you got on that last exam. It does take a lot of time to study and i know it seems like it isn't worth it and that winging it on the exam will be a lot easier but at the end of the day it's better to have good grades and no parents on your back than bad grades and parents and teachers on your back. Plus good grades means better opportunities.

However, although studying is very important you also have to give yourself a break. Now the first thing i said was crucial for surviving high school was a good group of friends. Getting those friends is important but maintaining the friendships is also crucial. Go out, spend time with your friends. You have to let yourself have some you time because if you don't sooner or later you will start to hate high school because you'll feel trapped. High school is important but so are you. One thing nobody ever really told me in high school was that although grades are important you're mental health is more important. I have seen so many people get so stressed because of school that they have fell into depression, developed anxiety and it sucks it really does because when you look at it, school is just 5 years of your life. But your mental health is your forever. So every now and again you have to let go and be a kid and let go of all of the exam stress, studying and grades. Just have fun.

Like i kind of touched on in my last point is always put your health first. I know that you might be reading this thinking that what you're going through is nothing and that you can handle it yourself, but a lot of the times you can't. Nobody talks about mental illness in school, at least not in any school i've heard of or been to and it is such a vital thing. So many students have anxiety and depression because of school and it should be more widely addressed in schools. Now like i said you may think that it is nothing but honestly talking to someone about it can help so much. So talk to someone, a doctor, teacher, friend, counsellor or your parent because putting your mental risk at health because of school really isn't worth it. You need to take care of yourself before you worry about school, because you're life and health is 10000x more important than a piece of paper with grades on it, if which we are honest isn't looked at by most places anyway.

My last tip to surviving high school is respecting your teachers. Now i know this looks like the biggest trap to being called a teacher's pet but honestly, it isn't. Going through high school i got along really well with a few of my teachers. My math teacher (although i hated maths he was great) , my IT teacher, my sociology teacher and even my media teacher (even though i did annoy the crap out of him most the time, he was a good teacher). I know that it can feel like teachers are targeting you and some probably are, but others are just trying to help you. Teachers hate nothing more than disrespectful, loud mouth students, so if that's the kind of student you are they're obviously going to dislike and make an example of you. Now i'm not saying you have to be their first name basis, best friend. I'm just saying that you should treat them with some respect. Having a good relationship with some of my teachers helped me so much when it came to me needing to talk to someone when i needed help or was going through stuff because bottling up your insecurities about school will just lead you to hate it.

So that was my tips on how to survive high school. If you have any other tips let me know down below!

Thanks for reading,

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