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Monday, 18 April 2016

Lush Life

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Hey Whisperers,

I've been obsessed with Lush for quite a few years and i always find myself going in every time i see one, even if i don't need anything. Which is exactly what happened today. I was walking round Solihull and i was drawn in. And so today i thought i would talk to you a little about why i love lush and also go through my current Lush collection. 

The first thing i love about Lush is the staff. Working in retail myself i know that shifts can feel never ending and a busy store can cause your stress to go into overload. However, no matter what Lush store I've been in (and I've been in my fair share) the staff have been lovely. You are always welcomed straight away even if it's busy and the staff are always there to help you.

Alongside the staff the products of course are amazing. The thing i love most about the products is that they really do what they say on the label. Every product i have tried from lush has done exactly what it says, Ickle Baby Bot for sleep? Worked. Butter ball for dry skin? Worked they're all amazing. 

Obviously, another big thing which I'm sure most people love, is the fact that everything from Lush has never been tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians. But the thing i love most about this is that they also advertise it and are 'fighting to stop animal testing' something you see on all their bags. I love this as although a lot of places are animal testing free themselves they are not doing anything to prevent animal testing. 

The last thing i love about Lush is the variety. I love so many things from Lush and every time i go in something new seems to be in stock, unlike other places that only stock consistent products, Lush rotate what they make and are coming out with amazing products all the time. The seasonal products are always amazing.

Ok now that I've gone on and on about why i love lush, here's the part of the post I'm sure most of you wanted to see/have skipped forward to (if you have i don't mind i probably would have too :P ) my lush collection.

I hope you enjoyed my post all about my love for lush. I tried something new with the collection so let me know if you liked it down below. Also if you have any Lush suggestions let me know because I'd love to try some new products!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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