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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey Whisperers,

So first off, sorry that their was no beauty post last week. This was supposed to be the post that went up but unfortunately the products were not delivered until today. I do love all of the products however, i don't think that i will be ordering from the companies website again due to the amount of time that i had to wait for the products. When i ordered the products on the 26-03-16 it said they would be delivered within 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri) which i was fine with however the products only arrived today (7-4-16). I will be ordering more products but instead i will probably order them from the Superdrug website.

I originally went on the Makeup Revolution website to get their new eye shadow palette however, by the time i got on the website it was all sold out (story of my life!!). I however did then see that there was a spring sale on and we all know there was no way i wasn't going to have  a look. Anyway, while browsing the sale section i found a few items that i couldn't pass up trying out and so those are the products I'm going to show first.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream-Move your mouth forever - 

  1. £1.50 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
I chose this product because I've tested a few of the Ultra Velour lip creams in store and i have always liked the texture however, for some reason I have never purchased them. I am quite a bold lip kind of person, however recently i have been trying out some more 'natural' lip colours and so i thought for £1.50 i would try this shade. The nude colour of this lip cream is my favourite kind of nude as it isn't too different than my natural lip colour making it simple enough to wear to work and on natural makeup days.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream-Can't we just make love instead

  1. £1.50 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
Alongside Move your mouth forever I also got the Ultra Velour Lip Cream in Can't We Just Make Love Instead, i chose to get this shade as well as it is a little more bright than the previous lip cream and so i thought i would be able to wear it on days that i wear a little more makeup. Another thing i love about these lip creams is the cupcake/buttercream smell. I am quite picky about the smell of lipsticks, lip creams ect. because i do have quite a strong sense of smell however these smell so good. 

  1. £0.50 Sale Price
  2. £1.00 Original Price
Blush. Can you ever really have enough of it? I have never tried liquid blushes before and so when i saw this blush for 50p i couldn't help but add it to my cart. The colour of this blush is very peachy which i love as i quite like bronzed makeup.

  1. £0.50 Sale Price
  2. £1.00 Original Price
I also got the liquid blush in a brighter pink as i thought i would venture a little out of my comfort zone and try something new. I mean why not it's only 50p right?

  1. £1.99 Sale Price
  2. £2.99 Original Price
I got this eye-shadow palette for when i travel. I have a lot of makeup and most of my makeup palettes don't really fit in makeup bags and so i thought i would try this smaller palette. I love the natural shades in the palette so hopefully they blend well.

  1. £3.00 Sale Price
  2. £6.00 Original Price
Now i couldn't not get this product. For £3 it's great. I already own a different version of the blush, highlight and bronzer in a separate trio palette however, like the previous palette i thought this would be great for travelling because it does also have the eye shadows. The bronzer is a great shade for contouring if you have fair skin but it is easy to go overboard. The blush in this palette is very shiny and almost metallic looking in the pan however when on the skin it is a lovely rosy colour. The highlighter and eye shadows have great colour payoff and i am so glad i got this palette, it is amazing value even at it's full price.

  1. £2.00 Sale Price
  2. £3.00 Original Price
As i said before, you can never have too much blush. One thing i have noticed a lot when watching tutorials online is that a lot of people set their liquid blush with a powder one and so i got this pink blush to set my pink liquid blush. I also think it is a beautiful colour to use on it's own and for £2 it was  great price. The blush is also very pigmented so a small amount goes a long way. 

Alongside the sale products, i also purchased two lipsticks too. I have been in love with the colour of these lipsticks since Makeup Revolution posted a picture of them on Instagram, but no matter how much I've tried i haven't been able to find them in store and so i decided to order them while i was on the website. 

Rose Gold Private Members Club

  1. £3.00
I am in love. Dark purple lipsticks are my favourite shade of lipstick to wear, so when i saw this lipstick on Instagram i knew i had to have it. It is such a rich dark purple shade and it looks amazing in the bullet. Reading the reviews on this product also helped me decide to buy it as the reviews said that it was creamy and opaque something i definitely agree with.  

  1. £3.00
Looking at these lipsticks i soon came across this one. I absolutely love the colour and as i previously said i am trying to try out some more 'nude' lipsticks which are more wearable everyday as although definitely love my statement lipsticks they don't always match every outfit. And so i thought that getting this shade would be great. I do already have the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Absolutely Flawless, which does seem pretty similar to this lipstick however i thought i would try,

One thing i love about the lipsticks is the packaging it is so beautiful. The packaging shape itself does resemble MAC. something that i did notice straight away however the rose gold sheen had me wanting these lipsticks as soon as they were released.

I hope you enjoyed this mini makeup revolution haul! Let me know below if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them!

Thank you for reading

Disclaimer- All products mentioned were purchased with my own money. I am not at all sponsored by Makeup Revolution. All product names link to the specific webpage for the product. 

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