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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Mini Primark Beauty Haul & Review

Hey Whisperers,

While shopping last week i popped into Primark. Alongside the ridiculous amount of clothes i brought i also purchased a few of the Primark Beauty items. I have never really brought any of the primark beauty items before, i think the only thing i have tried was a powder brush a few years ago. However, the other day while in Primark i noticed how many more products they have launched, they now stock pretty much all the makeup you would need to do a full face of makeup. I didn't buy too much but i thought i would let you guys know what i did buy and how i like them.

The first thing i brought was a small PS love 8 Shade, Day eye shadow palette. I didn't swatch this palette in the shop as they don't have any kind of testers, however if i had i probably wouldn't have brought it as the pigmentation of the eye-shadows is pretty much none existent and the eye-shadows themselves are very chalky. This eye-shadow palette retails at £2.50 and comes with a double ended applicator, one end is a foam applicator and the other is a very scratchy square blending brush. Although this palette is only £2.50 i wouldn't suggest buying it at all and the only plus side seems to be the large mirror that comes in the palette.

Sticking to eyes the next thing that i brought was the PS Individual Lashes. I don't really think you can go too wrong with Individual eyelashes and for £1 i am quite happy with them. The pack comes with 56 individual lashes, which if you're someone like me who doesn't wear eyelashes too often, will last you quite a while. The lashes range in length which is something i also like. The lashes however do not come with any kind of lash glue so you would have to purchase that separately.

The metal detail on the brushes is a beautiful rose gold
however this didn't pick up on camera :(
The next thing i brought was some of the PS Love makeup brushes. The first of the three brushes i brought was a PS Love Powder Foundation brush, i brought this brush because i thought it looked perfect for applying my setting powder and after using it a few times, i definitely like it. The brush itself is so soft, something i honestly didn't expect as it was only £1.50. The next brush i brought was the PS Love Eye-Shadow brush, this brush like the Powder Foundation brush is very soft and it is great for packing on eye-shadow and for £1 it's a great price. The last brush i got was the PS Love eyebrow & lash groomer. I pretty much got this brush because i lost my eyebrow brush and needed a new one and for £1 i thought i may as well get it. The brushes bristles are quite firm, however i quite like it as it helps to comb through the brows easier. I would definitely recommend the PS Love brushes because so far they seem amazing value for money, they are well made and the rose gold metal details makes them look adorable.

The last thing i brought in the beauty area of primark is the Balmi Lip Balm in Strawberry. I didn't really buy this for any other reason than the fact that i'd been wearing matte lipstick all day and my lips felt like the Sahara desert. The lip balm itself it is very moisturizing and has an  amazing strawberry smell, however it is very strong so if you don't like lip products with a scent i wouldn't suggest this. The packaging of this product is also something i love. It is pretty much a square version of an EOS lip balm, however the product itself is in more of a cone/pyramid shape which makes it a lot easier to apply to the lips. I did also get quite a good deal on this as when i later walked into Boots i found the same lip balm in mint for £4.99!

So that was all for my mini primark beauty haul! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have tried out any primark beauty products let me know below!

Thanks for reading

PS: i finally started using my new camera so hopefully the picture quality is better now :)


  1. I havent looked much at the brushes etc. at primark, but I do love the lashes, although the glue is rubbish!!

    Great post! XXX

    1. The lashes are so good! The makeup is pretty crap to be fair, i tried the new batman mascara the other day and that was ok. It's the kind of makeup i would use if i had run out and needed it ASAP but none of it is great. The brushes are so good for the price you should try them! xxx