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Sunday, 10 April 2016

My blogging essentials

Hey Whisperers, 

For me there are so many things that impact my blogging, my attitude and definitely my environment, however i have noticed that there are a few things that i have found that help me so much when i am blogging and so today i thought i would tell you my blogging essentials. 

Every blogger. blogs in a different way, some people have to blog in silence so they can focus on their writing others have to listen to music to stay focused. I am definitely the second of the two. One of my main essentials is music. When  blogging i have to be either alone in my bedroom with music playing or have my earphones in blasting music. It has to be just me, music and my thoughts. I have never really been the kind of person who can do things in silence i always had to have music on when i was studying, drawing or editing it was a major must for me. I mainly write alone in my bedroom because it is a lot easier to focus when I'm alone and so my music normally plays out loud. One thing i hate doing however is having to switch songs mid paragraph and so i normally listen to a playlist on spotify. 

Another blogging essential for me is my notebooks. When i first started blogging i used to scribble down my ideas on paper and it didn't take me long until i realised i needed a notebook. One thing i find essential is to have more than one notebook. The first notebook i have is a black notebook covered in hearts, i take this notebook everywhere, to work, to shopping, in the car... everywhere. One thing that i realised early on is that i randomly have thoughts for posts and so having this notebook is great as i can note down ideas messily when I'm on the go with small plans and not have to worry about it getting messy. The other notebook i have is a hardback notebook,  i love this notebook so much. In this notebook, i list all of the information on my blog, what blog posts i want to write, when i wrote them and what each category of my blog contains.  I find it a lot easier to have a 'draft' notebook and 'final' notebook as i can note down ideas and plans in one but keep track of stuff in the other book. 

My next blogging essential is time. This seems pretty obvious but it wasn't something i ever thought about before is started blogging. Blogging is a very time consuming 'hobby' and time is an essential thing to have because without time your blogs will be rushed and looking back and reading some of my older posts i can really tell the times i rushed because the posts are of a lot lower quality. If time is something you struggle with maybe setting one day a week to write your blog is something you could try out. 

Next up is a good camera. Now this is something that although i do have i haven't started using yet. When i look at pictures of products i have taken i can tell the quality isn't 100% however the camera i have currently i am still learning how to 100% use and so i don't want to start using it right now. However, the quality of the pictures i take isn't overly bad and for those i use my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera, which is fine i would just prefer higher quality photo's so you guys can see the pictures more clearly. 

Another thing i think is essential when blogging is to have a schedule. I didn't think about schedules when i first started blogging and so it soon became too much for me and because of that i created a schedule. When creating a schedule make it realistic, because it is so easy to create a schedule that although you think might work will actually do nothing but stress you out. My schedule for example is three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday the three days a week i don't work so that i know i will be able to take time to write my posts. 

Alongside scheduling connecting with your audience is also a huge blogging essential for me. I love blogging but i also love interacting with my audience, which is why i creates social media accounts and pages so i could keep in contact with my readers. My blog is for my readers and so connecting with you guys is a huge essential for me.

Finally my last blogging essential is to have fun. It is so easy to fall into the blogging blues, but if you keep on top of your posts and think about why you first started blogging you will soon realise it is all worth it. Don't stress out about not posting one day, because it is your blog you can miss a few days. Don't stress about views because views aren't everything. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's post! If you blog put your URL down below because I'd love to check your blogs out!

Thanks for reading,

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