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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Song of the week #1

Welcome back, Whisperers

Today I will be starting a new series on the blog called Song of the week. This week i have been obsessed with a song and thinking back i realised that i pretty much get obsessed with a new song every week, and so i thought that i would make a weekly post about it. I will still be continuing with my regular schedule (Beauty- Tuesday, Lifestyle- Thursday, Freestyle-Sunday) and i will be posting my Song of the Week on a Saturday. 

This week my song of the week is Kicks by Lauren Aquilina. 

I have been a fan of Lauren for around 4 years and her music is always so full of emotion that it just gives me goosebumps. When i first heard Kicks i instantly fell in love. I have heard all of Lauren's original songs and there is just something so different about this song. 

As Lauren said leading up to this song 'It took two and a half heart breaks to write this album. This song is about the half' and it shows in the song. The energy and passion behind the song is nothing i've ever heard from Lauren before and i love it.  The song itself is, from what i can tell, about how she was used by a guy. Something i'm pretty sure most people have been through, and so i think that this song will hit home with a lot of people who hear it.

Obviously because i have been listening to Lauren for a long time i did already know about the release of this song, However, i was also amazed to hear it on Radio One so soon after it was released (to which i fangirled, I have no shame, her music is so worth it). I am so excited for the rest of this album to be released, with a song like Kicks to 'kick it off'' (see what i did there :P) i'm sure the rest of the album will be amazing. 

Enjoy the song! I'll be back next week with Song of the week!

Thanks For Reading,
Soph xoxo

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