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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

BeautyBay Eyeshadow Palettes - Product Review

Hey Whisperers, 

So a few weeks ago I was looking online for some new makeup products ( because a girl can never have too much makeup) and i came across and i instantly fell in love. The website has so many incredible products and brands. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular so when i came across the Beauty Bay eyeshadow palettes which were 2for1 i decided to try them out and so today i thought i would do a review of them for you.

I had never ordered from this website before so i didn't know how long it would take for my order to be delivered but i was pleasantly surprised. I ordered my palettes and two Morphe brushes on Saturday night and they were delivered Monday morning. Ordering from the website is very simple and i am definitely going to order from them again. Now that the boring stuff is over lets get into the review!

The first thing that i noticed when i got these products in the mail is the size of them. I paid £9.95 for both of these palettes (with the 2for1 offer) and they are a lot bigger than i expected. If you have been here for a while you know that i am a huge sucker for packaging and with this it was no different. I love the plain black packaging it just makes the product look so sleek which i love.

However, I do have one flaw to the packaging of this product. On the inside of the palette the eye shadows themselves are surrounded by a foam like black sheet which on both of my palettes is peeling up no matter how much i push it back down. Of course this is just a small thing and if that kind of thing doesn't bother you then it's nothing but it does annoy me just a little bit because it comes up around a few of the eye shadows which means pressing it down, which often means getting eyeshadow all over the foam. 

The eye shadows themselves are not the most pigmented eye shadows i have ever used but for the price i can't really complain. The size of the eye shadows is insane and you do get a lot of product for your money so layering the eye shadows is not that bad. The two palettes i ordered were the Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette and the Flawless Rose Eyeshadow Palette. Alike Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette (read that post here) i thought i would do another shade by shade review, because to be honest i just enjoyed writing it and i think it helps more to hear about each shade.

All Shade Names found on

Flawless Couture Eyeshadow Palette Shade By Shade 

Ivory Matte- The first shade in the palette is pretty much what the name says, an ivory matte. I love using this eyeshadow to set my base because it is the perfect nude eyeshadow. 

Copper Metallic- The copper metallic colour is probably one of my favourite colours in this palette. I love pairing this eyeshadow with a darker crease. However,to me this eyeshadow is a lot more of a orange colour instead of copper, so if you don't like orange eye shadows this is probably not going to be a hit for you. 

Champagne Shimmer- I absolutely love this shade. Although this shade is a shimmer shade it only has a small amount of shimmer in it so it is great for a subtle brow bone and inner corner highlight. It 

Russet Metallic- This eyeshadow for me is pretty much the same as Copper Metallic, but it is a lot more pigmented, which for some people would be great but I just I don't know i like the eyeshadow itself but the repetition just puts me off it a little. 

Rosy Brown Matte- This eyeshadow is the perfect crease colour and is probably going to be my most used eyeshadow in this palette. It is pigmented enough to give the perfect shadow but not too pigmented that it leaves you with a harsh line. I love it.

Tan Shimmer- This shade is pretty much just your average brown shimmer. It isn't very pigmented so it would definitely need a few layers to make it opaque but it is a great lid shade if you just want a little something on the eye. 

Coffee Shimmer- This shade is a beautiful light brown shimmer and i love it. In the palette this eyeshadow looks a lot lighter than it actually is on the skin but it is a beautiful colour. This colour is probably one of the most pigmented eye shadows in the palette and it has the most beautiful shimmer. 

Taupe Shimmer- This shimmer for me is more of a metallic purple colour than a taupe. It is a beautiful purple-grey shadow and it looks amazing on the skin. I think this shadow would be great for brown eyes because it does have the beautiful purple undertones. 

Light Grey/ Silver Shimmer - This shadow is a strange colour to me. In the palette it looks very light but on the skin it is a lot more peachy/tan which i found very strange. Alike some of the other shimmers this is a great lid colour.

Fawn Shimmer- This eyeshadow, alike the previous shadow is a lot darker when swatched however i prefer the swatch a lot more than the colour it looks in the pan. This colour is like a mix between Copper Metallic and Rosy Brown Matte and i am in love with it. 

Dark Brown Shimmer- When i saw that this was the name of this shadow i was quite confused because to me this colour both in the pan and swatched looks a lot more purple than brown. I think this shadow would look great in a smokey eye and i can't wait to try it out.

Black Matte- This eyeshadow is pretty much your normal black eyeshadow. It isn't very pigmented and it does appear more of a very dark grey when swatched but when layered it does become very dark.

All Shade Names found on

Flawless Rose Eyeshadow Palette Shade By Shade

Cream Matte- This shade is pretty much the same shade as the previous palette. It is the perfect base shade.

Coral Shimmer- This eyeshadow is a perfect coral shade. It is so beautiful and the shimmer just makes it look even more beautiful. This is definitely going to be one of my most used shades from this palette. 

Pale Peach Shimmer- This shadow is a very sheer shimmer which is great if you just want to add a little shimmer on top of an existing eyeshadow. It would also be great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner if you wanted a subtle highlight. 

Salmon Pink Shimmer- This shade reminds me a lot of Mac's Springsheen Blush.  It is a beautiful pink shade with what looks like gold shimmer when swatched. 

Soft Pink Glitter- This shade is the perfect baby pink glitter shade. It is very glittery and is one of the most pigmented colours in the palette. I'm not quite sure how i am going to use this shadow yet but i know that i will find a way. 

Dusky Pink Glitter- This shade is a more brown toned pink shade. This is a beautiful shade for the lid and i know i will be using this shadow a lot. It is quite pigmented, but it isn't so glittery that you don't see the colour which is great.

Rose Pink Matte- This matte shade is the perfect crease colour. It isn't very pigmented so it does take quite a bit of layering to get a pigmented shade but i like that when i am using a pink shade in my crease because it is so easy to end up with eyeshadow that just makes you look ill. 

Pink Champagne Shimmer- This shade to me is definitely the most shimmery shade. It has a grey undertone so it isn't a bold pink which i love, it is just a little darker than Dusky Pink which i love.

Pale Brown Matte- Looking at this shade in the palette it definitely doesn't look matte. This colour to me isn't really a brown and instead is more of a grey which i love but i do wish it was a brown because this palette kind of lack that brown shade.

Puce Metallic- This colour to me is a mix of Salmon Pink and Soft Pink. It is a beautiful pink shade it isn't too bright so it is definitely wearable but it is still noticeably pink unlike other shadows i have used in the past. 

Deep Purple Matte- This is my favourite colour in the whole palette. This deep purple is gorgeous. It looks bright in the pan but when swatched it is a lot deeper and it is perfect. It is a great colour for smokey eyes however i don't know how i would match it with other colours in this palette it kind of sticks out a little.

Black Matte- This is the exact same black as the previous palette. It isn't very pigmented and is definitely more of a grey colour than a black however i think for this palette it is a lot better because it works more with the pink shades. 

Overall i do love both of these palettes and for the price i really can't complain. The eyeshadows are all very soft and even though they aren't the most pigmented they are great shadows. I would highly suggest these palettes if you love natural makeup and/or if you are just getting into makeup because they offer you a variety of shades to test out. The offer is still on these palettes so head over to the website to check them out (link here)

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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