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Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Makeup Storage

Hey Whisperers,

After many months of waiting i finally went and bought some proper storage for my Makeup. When i first got into makeup i kept it all in a little makeup bag but the more in love i fell with makeup the more i brought it and before i knew it i had no room for it anymore. The storage that i bought for my makeup was the ever popular Alex Drawers from IKEA. I brought these drawers because although they are mainly filled with makeup they have enough drawers for me to use them for other things too. So today since i have sorted out all my makeup i thought i would show you my makeup storage.

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So as i previously said, all my makeup is stored in the Alex Drawers from IKEA. If you haven't seen or heard of these they are a 9 draw white unit. The top 5 drawers are shallow and perfect for makeup and the bottom 4 are deeper and perfect for storing palettes and skincare. I purchased these drawers for £90 from IKEA and although that seems quite expensive these drawers are well worth it, the quality is great and they are a great size.

So let's go through each draw.

Top of drawers

On the top of my drawers i just keep my makeup brushes and my two B. Blending sponges (review of them here) and my clock. I use a large mirror resting on top of my drawers to do my makeup so i like to keep this area as clear as possible. There is normally a photo frame on here too but i removed it for privacy reasons. 

Draw 1- Foundation

Over the past few years i have collected quite a few foundations. I know that i only need one bottle of foundation, maybe two with a backup but i just can't bring myself to throw away the foundations that i haven't finished. At the front of the draw i have all of my liquid foundations and primers and then at the back i have concealers. This draw is probably my most empty of all of the drawerss but I'm sure I'll end up filling it up.

Draw 2- Face products

This draw is probably one of my favourite drawers. In this draw i have all of my setting powders, blushes, bronzers, highlighters and face palettes. I have quite a few different face products and some of these i haven't even tried yet but i just can't help buying them because they're all so pretty.

Draw 3- Mascara and Eyeliners

Mascara's and eyeliners are probably one of my biggest makeup addictions. I love trying out different kinds of mascaras and i usually use two different ones a day. I also love trying different eyeliners, i have a huge addiction for liquid felt tip liners and i try different ones every time i see one. 

Draw 4- Lip products

This draw is by far my favourite draw out of this whole cabinet. I have so many different lipsticks and i love everyone of them. At the front of the draw I have lipsticks and then on the third row i have lipglosses and then lipbalms and stains at the back. I know that this is a lot of lipsticks but i can't help but buy more every time i see a new shade that i love. 

Draw 5- Palettes

In this draw i have all of my eyeshadow palettes.On the left i have my revolution palettes, behind that i have my collection palettes and NO7 palettes, then my Urban Decay and Cargo Palettes and finally my MUA Palettes. I switch up my makeup palettes daily so i do love having such a big variety to chose from. Quite a few of my palettes are multi-use palettes containing blush and highlights too so they are perfect for travel. 

Draw 6- Skincare

This draw is the first of the deeper drawers and it the perfect size for all my skincare. In this draw i keep my makeup removing wipes, moisturisers, serums, face washes and piercing cleaning supplies.I do have quite a few face washes as i use a different face was depending on the condition of my skin.

Draw 7- Nails

This next draw is full of my nail polish. I don't really do my nails much anymore as i do work in a supermarket and keeping them looking good is pretty impossible. Over the past few years however i have collected quite a few nail polishes and so i decided i would keep them in the drawers so they are easier to access if i do decide to paint my nails. 

Draw 8- Body 

In this draw i have my lush bath bombs (wrapped in clingfilm so that they take up less space and stay protected, and my body butters. I love having this draw because it makes finding things so much easier. In the mug in the draw i have my Lush Tea Tree Toner Tabs (which are amazing by the way and great for only £1!). 

And that is pretty much all of my makeup storage. There is a ninth draw but it is pretty much jam packed full of makeup bags and other rubbish that i didn't want to show it aha. So that was pretty much my makeup storage. I know that £90 does seem quite pricey for some drawers but they are well worth the investment. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any advice on how to better organise these draws please let me know because the first draw is driving me mental and i have no room left in my lipstick draw!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

Disclaimer- I am in no way bragging about the things that i have, i am incredibly grateful to be able to own all of the makeup i own i just wanted to show you guys how i store it. 

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