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Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Top 5 Netflix Must Watch Shows

Hey Whisperers,

So alike every other person, i am obsessed with Netflix, and like every other person on the Internet. I am obsessed with TV series. And so today i thought i would let you know my top 5 Netflix must watch shows. I obviously watch Netflix on the UK version so if you are from a different country these shows may not be available.

Pretty Little Liars

I think it's pretty impossible to be on the Internet and not know about Pretty Little Liars. I have been watching Pretty Little Liars since season 1 and although it drove me insane at times i carried on watching it. For those of you who don't know about the show it is an American TV show where four teenage girls are cyber stalked by an anonymous person who goes by the name of A, after their best friend/group leader is murdered (that's pretty much the simplest way to describe it). I love this show because nothing is ever set in stone and the amount of plot twists that it has is insane. Being a fan for so long does kind of make me biased because i do love the show so much but i definitely think that you should give this show a chance, it is very publicised and hyped up but honestly it is so worth it.


The first time i watched Heartland was actually by accident. I clicked on it and i instantly became hooked. Heartland is a Canadian TV show about a teenage girl growing up on a ranch after her mom dies. I don't know what made me so obsessed with this show but i love it, from the amazing acting to the insane amount of animal work on the show i can't help but love it. Before watching this show i had never heard of it before but i am so glad i watched it. I know that it doesn't sound very good but it really is great it has love, fights, family, animals...pretty much everything a good TV show has.

Orange is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is pretty much the most well known netflix original ever. I watched the first season of this show and i found it hilarious and I've been hooked ever since. There is a wait between seasons but it is well worth it and I'm pretty sure I've watched the current 3 series around 2 or 3 times because it does make me laugh so much. If you haven't heard of Orange Is The New Black it is an American television series that follows a woman who goes to prison for drug trafficking. The show has so much drama, love and comedy in it that it is hard not to love.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is one of those shows where you either love the weirdness or you don't. I definitely do. Orphan Black is an American TV series which follows the lives of a group of sister clones. At first i was kind of creeped out by the show but the more i watched the more and more i fell in love. This show has more of a futuristic vibe which i think is great and the plot twists are insane. It is definitely a must watch show. 

Jessica Jones

Last but not least is Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is a marvel TV show which follows the life of the marvel superhero Jessica Jones. Jessica hides her abilities as working as a Private Detective in New York City, I watched this TV show because alike Heartland i clicked on it by accident, i clicked off it at first as i don't really like superhero movies and shows but a few weeks later i decided to watch it and it was amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed this post about my top 5 must watch netflix shows. Let me know what your favourite netflix shows are below!!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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  1. I've never really been into watching shows on netflix, as I find I would just spend all day in bed (which tbh I do most of the time now anyway!) but after these recommendations i'll have to have a look,

    Great post xxx