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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Short Girl Problems

Welcome back Whisperers,

Growing up i was always the short kid, it never really bothered me and it still doesn't. I love being short. But sometimes being 4ft10 has it's downsides and so today i thought i would write a quick post all about short girl problems!

10 Short Girl Problems

1- Not being able to reach things in the supermarket- 

Now for me this is a bigger problem than it is for most short people, not only because i can't reach the top shelf but also because i work in a supermarket. I have had to ask customers to grab stuff for me because I can't reach, I mean that is literally my job and I can't do it. 

2-Not being able to see your entire face in the mirror

More than once, i haven't been able to see my whole face in a public bathroom mirror and sometimes i can only see the top of my head. How am i supposed to check my lipstick if i can't see my mouth, at least I'll know if my hair looks ok though right?

3- Short jeans are still too long

Ok so every time i buy jeans i buy the smallest length (so far the shortest I've been able to find is 28" at Primark) and they are still way too long. I pretty much go round with the bottom of my jeans scrunched at the ankles because i can't find any short enough. 

4- My feet never touch the floor when I'm sitting on a chair

Whenever i sit on a chair i either have to sit barley with my ass on the seat so my feet touch the floor or sit with my back against the seat and have my feet dangling over the edge. On some chairs i can lower them but by the time they are low enough for my feet to touch the floor i may as well just sit on the floor instead.

5- Even kids are taller than me

I love kids but sometimes they just make me feel smaller than i already am. I can be around a group of kids and feel great but there will always be one kid that is taller than me. I mean my 13 year old cousin is taller than me!!

6- You can't see over people in crowds

Now this may not be a problem for all short girls but for me i know it definitely is. I absolutely hate being in the middle of a crowd because i can't see where i am going, what is  in front of me and it just makes me panic. It also sucks when you're at a concert because if that person in front of you is tall you have no chance at seeing the show. 

7-Being in the front row of school pictures

If you are anything like me, you hate people taking pictures of you and even more when you're in your school uniform. Never mind having to be in the front row EVERY YEAR. I envy the taller kids who could hide in the back row instead of being in the front row of every picture, because at least they could hide if they were having a bad hair day. Me? nope stuck in the front row. 

8- You're always described as cute

Now although this could be taken as a compliment, being called cute gets so annoying after awhile, it kind of makes you feel like a little kid. You never get called 'hot' by a guy either, it's always cute like I'm not trying to get adopted at the pet store. 

9- You always have to look up when talking to people

Looking up to people makes your neck kills, but you feel rude if you look away so you just carry on looking up even though your neck hurt and by that point you just want them to shut up so you can rest your neck.

10- No matter how high your heels are you're still the smallest person at the party

I have been to so many parties and still been the smallest person there no matter how high my heels are. Like if I'm going through the pain of wearing these feet killers i at least want to be taller than my 13 year old cousin i mean come on. 

Now even though there are so many problems that come along with being a short girl there are also many plus points! And so here are just a few plus points of being short!

  1- You always have more legroom on planes, buses and trains because your legs aren't as long. 

2- There's no such thing as a 'low ceiling' when it comes to being small so you can get through small spaces easily. 

3-You never really have to worry about being taller than your date (and yes i know some guys like taller girls but hey sometimes the girl just wants to be the short one in the relationship ok?)

4- You look way younger than you are which as you get older is a great thing.

5- Your feet are small enough to fit in kids shoes which saves you ALOT of money.

So although there are a lot of problems when it comes to being small there are so many good things that come with it and i know that i wouldn't change being small for anything!

I hope you enjoyed this post on short girl problems! If you're short let me know what short girl problems you hate!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xox

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