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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Song of the week #3

Hey Whisperers,

It's that time of the week again, time for song of the week. This week i've pretty much been obsessed with Adele's album and so naturally i had to pick a song from the album. The whole album is amazing so it was hard to choose but i finally came to a decision. 

This week's song of the week is When We Were Young By Adele

I first heard this song a few months ago and i've loved it ever since. The amount of emotion in this song is incredible. The video i have embedded is the live performance at Church Studios and it is by far my favourite performance of this song yet. Adele's performances are always amazing, but for this to be the first time she performed this song and for it to have be so amazing is incredible.

This song itself is about seeing a guy you used to love and wanting to say goodbye, it is all about remembering how things used to be with someone and realising that it is now over. This song is honestly one of the most emotional songs i have ever heard, letting go of someone you love is so hard and this song shows just that. 

I have always loved Adele, i mean who hasn't. Her music is amazing and every time she releases a new song it's a given hit. Each song that she releases has so much meaning, pain and emotion behind it that i honestly can't believe she manages to perform them!

This song is definitely one of my all time favourite songs and i'm sure i will be obsessed with it a while.

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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