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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Song of the week #6

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to this weeks song of the week. I'm pretty sure most of you will have already heard this song but i can't help but make it my song of the week this week it is just so full of emotion and I'm in love with it.

This week's song of the week is I Hate You I Love You by Gnash ft Olivia O'Brien

The first time i heard this song i was listening to a random playlist on spotify and i instantly fell in love. I forgot the name to the song after that, until a few days later when i heard it on Kylie Jenner's snapchat and re found it. I added it to one of my playlists and even though i loved the song it never really became one of my favourites, not until this past week. I don't know what it was but every time i sat down to write a blog post it was my go to song. 

This song is one of the most meaningful songs i have ever heard. The lyrics are so meaningful and they are something that i'm sure all of us can relate to. Before this song i had never really heard of either of these artists but since then i have listened to some of their other songs and i haven't really fell in love with any of them. Which kind of sucks. 

The mixture of Gnash's rapping and Olivia's singing is so perfect in this song and it really does tell a story. There are so many rappers out there but Gnash's voice is just something so different from what i have heard before and that's why i think so many people have fell in love with the song. Olivia's voice makes the song for me though, although Gnash's rapping is the main part of the song her voice just gives the song a little extra.

I know that this song is going to be one of my most played songs for a while to come.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks song of the week. Let me know what your favourite song is at the moment below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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