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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sophie Cooks- Mug Cake

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome to another Sophie cooks. So around a year ago i used to be addicted to making mug cakes i would make them all the time and i absolutely loved them. These mug cakes are perfect if you want a little something sweet of a night time without pigging out too much. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

What You Will Need

4 Tbs Flour
 2 Tbs Cocoa Powder
3 Tbs Sugar
3 Tbs Milk
3 Tbs Oil
1 Egg
Pinch of Salt
Splash of vanilla (Optional)
3 Tbs Chocolate Chips (Optional)
Table Spoon
Small Whisk
Mug (Or small ramekin) 

Lets Cook!

The first thing you need to do is measure out all of your dry ingredients into the mug. I find it easiest to add the flour, and cocoa powder first and then the sugar and salt. (if you are using chocolate chips this is the time to add them too)

After adding all the dry ingredients to the mug make sure to mix them thoroughly, it is so easy to miss a lump of flour and believe me that doesn't taste good I've done it a few times myself.

After mixing the dry ingredients it is time to add the wet ingredients into the mug. I usually add the milk and oil first and then the egg. (And the vanilla if you choose to use it)

Next up is the mixing. I would suggest mixing the ingredients first with a spoon because it can get messy but after the majority of the dry ingredients is mixed in using a whisk is so much better. I normally whisk for around a minute to make sure that all of the dry ingredients are incorporated. I then go around the bottom of the mug with a spoon because their are always pockets of flour at the bottom.

After mixing it all together all that's left is to cook it. To cook the mug cake simply microwave it for 2 minutes, i normally check mine after 1:30 mins because these are so easy to burn. 

After the two minutes your mug cake will have risen quite a lot but it does go down once you take it out of the microwave. I then topped mine with some Vanilla Ice Cream and it's time to eat!

Just look at that doesn't it just make your mouth water

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Sophie Cooks! If you make this mug cake send me a picture on twitter or instagram using the #Muglife. 

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo 

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