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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sophie Cooks- Pepperoni and Cajun Chicken Pizza

Hey Whisperers,

When i was younger i used to make pizza's all the time but as I've grown up and started working till' 9:30pm I've been reaching more for the frozen kind or takeouts. Today it's a pretty crappy day, the weather is terrible and it's freezing and I have the night to myself and so i decided that I would make a pizza, just like old times. When i first started this blog i knew that i wanted to incorporate cooking into my blog somehow but i never really found a way too. Today i decided to just go for it and create a new series called Sophie Cooks. Sophie Cooks isn't going to be a scheduled post like my Beauty, Lifestyle and Music posts instead it's just going to be a thing on the blog. Today I'm going to be doing the first Sophie Cooks post, i hope you enjoy it.

What I used: 

-Cajun Chicken (I just used a chicken breast and cajun seasoning)

Recipe Time

Step 1- Preheat your oven. 
Each brand of pizza base has different cooking instructions so always check before preheating your oven. My pizza base called for the oven to be 160°.

Step 2-
Roll out your pizza base onto a baking pan. I like to use a baking pan as it helps when removing from the oven. I left the baking sheet under the pizza when i cooked it however i do suggest removing it as it does stop the bottom of the pizza from becoming crisp.

Step 3-
Apply your pizza sauce. I used a Tomato and Basil pizza base, however you can switch it out for whatever kind of pizza you are making. Unlike me leave a gap around the perimetre of your pizza to allow room for the crust to rise. 

Step 4-
Apply a thin layer of cheese. I always add a thin layer of cheese before i add any toppings to stop them sinking into the tomato base. For this i used the Grated Mozzarella, however alike the sauce you can swap this out for any kind of cheese you would prefer. 

Step 5-
Add your toppings. I added some pepperoni and cajun chicken to my pizza, I added the chicken to only one side though as i was splitting this pizza with someone else. After adding your toppings it is always good to add a little cheese on top so they don't burn in the oven. 

Step 6-
Cook your pizza, like i said before each pizza base has a different temperature and cooking time so make sure you keep an eye on it. My pizza took around 20 minutes to cook and it came out an amazing golden colour. I slid the pizza off the tray, sliced and served it.

I loved making this pizza and eating it was even better. I do suggest getting a smaller pizza base than i did as it was very large and i was full after two slices. However, pizza is always an amazing left over to eat. I hope you enjoyed this first Sophie Cooks post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I know this isn't the healthiest recipe but everyone deserves a cheat meal right?

Let me know if you make this pizza by tweeting or instagramming me using the # sophiecooks

Thanks for reading, 
Soph xoxo

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