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Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Favourites

Hey Whisperers,

So the other day i was filling in my notebook with blog ideas and i decided that i wanted to start doing Monthly Favourite posts. I know that today is the second of June (btw where the hell have the past few months gone) but this was the earliest i could post this post. Anyways lets move on from the boring stuff and get into the thing you actually came here to read about...

My May Favourites 

Unicorn Phone Case

My first favourite this month is my Unicorn Phone Case. I got this phone case from New Look and I absolutely love it. It is so cute and fun. I knew that i didn't just want a plain phone case when i got my phone and so when i saw this one in New Look i instantly fell in love.

MAC Studio Fix Powder

I have been wanting to get this powder for awhile and this month i brought it. I got the Studio Fix Powder in the shade NW13 , and it is a really good powder. It keeps me matte for longer than most over powders that i have used. However, even though it is definitely going to be one of my favourites for the summer i do still love my Rimmel Stay Matte powder more, mostly because is it cheaper and does pretty much the same job.

Chalk Board

I purchased this chalk board from Primark ages ago and it has pretty much been hanging on my wall blank until this past month. I have loved using this chalk board for planning out my week, keeping track of my work times and helping me organise my blog more. For £5 the chalkboard is such good quality and it is obviously very cute.

Micellar Water

I brought this Garnier Micellar water a few months ago to try it out but i never got round to trying it until this month and i love it. It is amazing for the nights where i don't feel like scrubbing my face to get my makeup off and it is just so easy to use,  you don't have to stand there rubbing your face until the makeup comes off it just glides of easily.

Up At Night Cimorelli

I preordered this album a few months ago and it has pretty much all i have been listening too. There are so many emotional songs on this album and even though i was a huge fan of the band before this was released i have fallen more in love with their music this month. They released the album on spotify so check it out here it is honestly amazing.

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks in Soy and Balsamic Vinegar

So a few months ago i got a bag of these in my Degustabox, but i haven't been able to find them since. Until i walked into work a few months ago. These snap pea rice snacks are so delicious and i know they don't sound it but they are. They are made from made from green peas and rice, they are both vegetarian and vegan too! This flavour in particular tastes a lot like chip sticks but they are way more healthy!

I hope you enjoyed this Monthly Favourites post. Let me know what your monthly favourites have been this month below!

Thanks for reading,
Soph xoxo

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