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Sunday, 19 June 2016

My Top 5 Beauty Channels

Hey Whisperers,

So over the past few weeks i have been watching a lot more beauty Youtubers and i have feel even more in love with some of the channels i am subscribed to and so today i thought i would share my top 5 beauty channels with you guys.


I am completely in love with Nikkie's channel. She is so honest and sassy that i pretty much think its impossible to not fall in love with her personality. Nikkie's was one of the first beauty gurus that i ever subscribed to and I am so glad i found her channel. If you haven't heard of Nikkie's channel i would 100% recommend watching some of her videos because she is not only insanely talented (like seriously talented) but she is so funny too. Nikkie was the creator of the Power of Makeup video which is one of my favourite videos of hers so if you want to check out her channel I would definitely recommend watching that video first!

Glam And Gore

Something you guys probably don't know about me is that i LOVE FX makeup so when i found Mykie's channel i fell completely in love. Mykie does both glam and gore makeup (as the name says duhhh) and like Nikkie she has such an amazing personality. Something i love about Mykie is that she isn't afraid to be different and i love it. She has amazing fx and beauty makeup talent and I am a complete fangirl of hers. At the moment she is doing a Disney Princess series where she does both the beauty and gore looks of Disney princesses and i am completely obsessed with it. I am definitely a fully pledged zombae (Mykie's fanbase nickname). One of my favourite tutorials that she has done is probably the Lana Del Ray Zombie Transformation video, which i definitely recommend watching.

Learning To Be Fearless

I first started watching Alexandra's channel because i loved her body positivity videos but then i started watching her beauty videos too and i fell in love. Alexandra does a lot of GRWM videos which i love because i watch them when I'm doing my own makeup and its kind of like getting ready with a friend. Alexandra does a lot of high end and drugstore tutorials which is great because it gives you a lot of content depending on your price range. I love Alexandra's personality because it is so bubbly and caring that you really can't help but fall in love with her. She is such a beautiful girl and lets be honest her makeup and fashion videos are my life goals.


Where do I even start when it comes to Jeffree Star. His makeup skills are flawless, his makeup  brand is amazing, his tattoo's are beautiful, his video's are amazing. He is literally goals. I started watching Jeffree about a year ago and i couldn't help but become addicted to his channel. He is so honest, funny, talented and let's not forget beautiful. Jeffree is probably one of the most hard working YouTubers i have ever watched not only does he create amazing content but he also created an amazing cosmetics brand which let's be honest are way better quality than so many high end brands.


Now if you have been here awhile you know that i love Bunny. I have been watching Bunny for around 4 years and i can't help but love her channel. One thing i love most about Bunny's beauty videos is that she is so different with the way she does her makeup. She doesn't blend her eye shadows to perfection, she doesn't change her makeup to fit in with everyone else she does what she wants to which is something that i admire about her. She is so funny to watch and i love her beauty videos because she makes them so easy to recreate and change to fit your own face. Overall i just love Bunny's channel and she is probably my Number 1 YouTuber. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, if you have any favourite beauty channels let me know below because i always love finding new YouTubers to watch!

Thanks for Reading,
Love Soph xoxo

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