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Sunday, 12 June 2016

PS. Beauty #2

Hey Whisperers,

So a few months ago i did a blog post on some primark PS. Beauty products. I went into Primark in Coventry today and i saw that Primark had come out with a bunch of new products and so i grabbed a few and thought i would do a quick review on them.

In total I brought 5 products, 3 lip products, one mascara and one eyebrow product. In total the 5 products cost me £10.50 which for 5 products is pretty good.

The first product that i brought was the PS Brow Cream in Dark Brown. I have never tried a brow cream before so i didn't really know what to expect from this product, however for £1.50 i thought i would give it a go. The first thing that i noticed about this product is that it is very hard to get out of the tube. The product itself is very thick but when swatching the product (which ended up with me having an eyebrow on my hand see that picture here)  i could tell straightaway that a small amount of this product goes a long way. The small angled brush that came with this product was pretty much like any other angled brush the only problem was how small it was. The colour of this product is pretty much perfect for my brows. Once applied it dried quite fast which i liked, and for £1.50 i think it is a great option if you're looking to try out a brow cream and don't want to spend a lot of money incase you don't like how it applies. 

Now i brought this Tinted Lip Oil because my lips were so dry and i just wanted something to quickly apply and for £2 this seemed a good idea,however i instantly regretted it. This product is very sticky, the kind of sticky that leaves strings of  sticky gloss between your lips when you talk, sticky. The smell of this product is also very off putting, i don't know what it is about the smell but it just smells fake. I brought this colour because i thought it would go well with my makeup that day but when i applied it, it was more sticky and greasy than it was hydrating and i had to wipe it off straight away. 

I used to use this Mascara loads when i was in school and so i thought that i would pick it up and see if i still liked it. First of all i absolutely love the packaging of this mascara it just looks and feels so nice which honestly you don't expect from a mascara that costs £2. The product itself is exactly how i remembered it to be. I wouldn't say this mascara is the most amazing mascara i have ever used but i do definitely like it. I would say this mascara is more of a everyday, quick, makeup free look kind of mascara as it adds enough length and colour to your lashes that you know you have it on but it doesn't make them too large clumpy. I would 100% recommend this mascara if you want to try out a new mascara or if you're on a budget. They do also have a waterproof version which is in a blue tube instead of pink for the same price. 

I have been wanting to try a lip scrub for a while but i just haven't been able to bring myself to spend the £5.50 at Lush for one and so when i saw this new PS. Pro Lip Scrub for £3 i had to grab it. This lip scrub is one of Primark's new pro range products and i can really tell the difference between this and the previous products i have tried, the packaging on the Pro products is a lot more durable and clean and the storage of the makeup in store is also a lot better with it actually being on as stand and not just dumped on top of each other. I tried this lip scrub when i got home and it was okay It has a very hydrating formula, however it is a little greasy. When i looked at the box i did see that it has almond oil in it so i think that, that is why it's greasy. It works really well however i can say just from swatching the lush scrub in store that this is nowhere near as good as that one however if you are looking for a more affordable product this one definitely does the job. 

The last thing that I brought from Primark is the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Wine. I saw this product in a Grace and Grace video and i knew i had to try it out. This product is a beautiful wine red colour (same as the cap in the picture) I was expecting this product to be quite dry however it was smooth on the lips and very easy to apply. I did have to use this product with a lip liner, however i don't mind that because i use a  lip liner with every lipstick i use anyway. This lipstick smells very nice, kind of sweet and vanilla like, i know it sounds weird but I know some people don't like the scent of some lip products so i thought i would throw the scent in here too. I do like this product and i think it would be a perfect fall colour and for £2 its a great price.

I hope you enjoyed this PS. Beauty review. I love trying out Primark makeup so there will probably be more of these kind of posts to come!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

Sorry that there are no links to these products, the primark website doesn't have a full list of it's products and the only one on the website was the brow cream which i chose not to link. xoxo

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