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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Song of The Week #10

Welcome back Whisperers,

This weeks song of the week is a song by someone that i absolutely love. She is an incredible actor in one of my all time favourite shows and has an incredible voice.

This weeks Song of The Week is From The Backseat by Lucy Hale

When I first heard Lucy's album back in 2014 i fell in love and it was probably one of my most listened to albums ever so when i came across it on spotify again this week i fell in love all over again. From The Backseat is probably one of my favourite songs from the album because it is so upbeat and fun. 

This song tells a story of learning what love it and i think that that is beautiful. The lyrics of this song are so meaningful and tell such a beautiful story that i find it hard not  to love. Obviously loving Lucy as and actor played a huge factor in me listening to her music but it is honestly like listening to a whole new person. This album just seem so personal and full of memories whereas her acting and interviews are more work based than personal.

My music taste is pretty much a if i like the song i like it no matter what the genre so the fact that Lucy's music is country didn't really make a difference to me however i have come to realise it is a lot more calming than some of the other music that i listen to which i love.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks song of the week! Let me know what your song of the week is this week below!!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

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