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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Song Of The Week #7

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome back to this weeks song of the week. I think i have decided that these posts are my favourite posts to write because it gives me a chance to go back and look at all the music i have listened to in the past week and lets be honest who doesn't want a reason to sit and listen to music? Anyways i better stop rambling and get onto the post.

This weeks song of the week is Calum Scott's Cover of  Dancing On My Own

I first heard Calum perform this song on Britain's Got Talent last year (watch his audition here) and his voice honestly blew me away. Calums cover of this song was so emotional and touching that you couldn't help but love it.  I didn't really see much of him after that until last summer when i was on holiday. Ever since then I've loved this song.

Obviously this isn't an original song by Calum however i do prefer it over the original 100%. His voice fits the song perfectly and it adds so much more meaning to the song. The country, folk theme that he has added to this song has made it all more perfect.

The lyrics to this song are so powerful and beautiful and obviously Robyn did an amazing job writing this song and i do think the original is a good song. However i do think that sometimes a song is just meant for a person and i definitely think that this song was made for Calum to sing. In the original there is no emotion like their is in his version and for me that is what makes the song so magical.

I hope you enjoyed this song of the week. I know that this song isn't an original song which i normally write about for song of the week but i couldn't not write about this cover because i have been listening to it so much this week.

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

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