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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Song of The Week #9

Hey Whisperers, 

Sorry this weeks song of the week is a day later than usual I've just been really busy this week Anyways this weeks song of the week is a song I have been loving so much recently thanks to my cousin. A few weeks ago she sent me a link to another song by this artist and obviously as Youtube does it suggests 101 different videos and I clicked on this one and got hooked. 

This weeks Song Of The Week is Lost Boy by Ruth B 

I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. I have always been a huge Peter Pan fan and so the lyrics of this song to me are so perfect. The song itself talks about becoming friends with Peter Pan and escaping to neverland. I just love the simplicity and imagination in this song and I can't help but play it on repeat. 

Ruth's voice is so unique and beautiful that it just adds so much to this song. I have seen so many people cover this song on YouTube but her original version, for me, will always be the best. The song my cousin sent me was Superficial Love which made me fall in love with her voice but this song was on a completely different level. 

I love finding newer artists because I think it just makes me appreciate their music more. For me I love listening to artists who work hard for their music, not saying bigger artists don't, i just think when you are a smaller artist it takes so much more work and effort for you to get your music out there. 

Lost boy has become so popular and I totally understand why, between the lyrics and Ruth's voice it is hard not to love! It's the kind of song that you hear once and remember forever and I know it is going to be in my playlist for a very long time. 

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Song Of The Week! Let me know what your Song Of The Week is down below! 

Thanks for Reading, 
Love Soph xoxo

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