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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sophie Cooks- Mini Crusty Cob Pizza's

Hey Whisperers,

Welcome back to another Sophie Cooks. So the other day I made my Pepperoni and Cajun chicken pizza's (read that post here) and i had some of the ingredients left over and so today i thought i would try out a new recipe and of course i decided to document it for you guys! I hope you enjoy this post i know i did a post on pizza already but lets be honest you can never have enough pizza in your life!!

What you will need;

-Crusty Cobs (1-2 per person)
- Grated Cheese (I used Mozzarella)
- Chicken or Pepperoni
-BBQ Sauce or Pizza Sauce
-Baking Tray

Let's Cook

The first thing you will need to do is slice your Cobs in half. I used two cobs because this was the first time i made these pizza's and i hadn't eaten all day. I would say that one cob is definitely enough if you're having this as a lunch as i did have to throw away some of mine however if you are having this as a main meal of a night i would say either use two cobs or serve with a side of chips or salad.

Next up add your sauce of choice to the bread. I used BBQ Sauce because the pizza sauce i had wasn't very nice. Now the sauce does sink straight into the bread so you do have to add more than you usually would. I used around 2 tsp of sauce per slice.

I then always add a thin layer of cheese. I don't really like my toppings sinking into the sauce on the pizza as it sometimes makes them go soggy and so i usually add a thin layer of cheese. You can use whatever cheese you would like i used mozzarella because it was what i had however a blend of both mozzarella and cheddar would also be nice. 

After that i add a layer of my toppings, on two of the ones i made today i added pepperoni and on the other i added chicken. I then add another layer of cheese over the top just so the toppings don't burn when i put them in the oven. 

I put my grill on maximum temperature before i started making the pizzas so i just put the pizzas on a baking tray and put them under the grill. They didn't take long to cook as it was pretty much waiting for the bread to heat through and waiting for the cheese to melt.

When golden and crispy remove your pizza's from the oven. I left mine in so they would go a bit more crispy however you do need to keep an eye on these while they are under the grill as it is very easy to burn the bread because it is already cooked. Last of all plate them up and enjoy! I would suggest leaving them too cool for a few minutes as the cheese is piping hot when it comes out from under the grill. Apart from that, that is pretty much the whole recipe.

I hope you enjoyed this mini crusty cob pizza recipe. If you try this at home tag me on instagram or twitter using the #sophiecooks so i can see how yours turned out!

Thanks for Reading,
Soph xoxo

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