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Sunday, 12 June 2016

This Is For You.

Hi Whisperers,

I woke up yesterday morning to some news i never thought i would hear. And then today i woke up to more devastating news. If you don't know what news i am referring too I'm guessing you haven't turned on the news today or yesterday. The news i am talking about it the Shooting and Murder of Christina Grimmie and the mass shooting in The Pulse nightclub in Florida.

My Favourite Christina Grimmie Performance 

Waking up yesterday morning it was just another morning for me, but for the family of Christina Grimmie it was a night they would never forget. On the 10th June 2016 Christina Grimmie was shot in front of fans and family at the Plaza in Orlando Florida. Reading about what happened broke my heart. Christina was such a beautiful girl and she had a voice like no other. I started watching Christina on YouTube in 2014 after i saw her on The Voice America and I fell in love with her music. 

Reading about how the shooting happened yesterday morning made me feel not only devastated for her family but also for the fans who witnessed the shooting. Christina was so young and she had such a long life ahead of her, she had another 50,60,70 even 80 years left of her life to live she didn't deserve what happened to her. To me the worst thing about what happened to Christina was that she felt so safe. She was doing what she loved, meeting her fans, signing autographs, just being the beautiful and caring person she was when this unspeakable act happened to her.

She was  opening her arms to hug the man who murdered her.

Scrolling through twitter yesterday my heart broke for the people who were at her concert. The people who were in the room with her when she was shot because they will never forget that day. So many people hear about a celebrity's death and yes they are heartbroken but one day it becomes a distant memory, this will never be a distant memory for those fans. I was so mad, so angry because she didn't deserve what happened, but at the same time in a way i am so happy that she has gone to heaven a place, we all know, she believed in so vividly. She is in a place she has always dreamt of. 

I am also so proud and in awe of her brother Mark for tackling the shooter because god only knows how many more people would have lost their lives because of him. Mark is a hero and he will always be. The shooter had 2 guns and a knife on him nobody knows what he had planned to do. The man who shot Christina shot himself after he was tackled by Mark and I can't help but be mad that he hasn't had to deal with the consequences of what he did, for the pain he has caused, for the tears he has caused to have been shed. For the consequences of killing a beautiful talented, young woman. I am so mad he doesn't have to witness the heartbreak his actions have caused.

After reading about Christina yesterday I couldn't help but hate the world we live in, to hate America. And i know so many people will say that it isn't 'America' at fault but to me it is. The gun laws in America allowed this to happen. They allowed this young woman to be taken from us way too soon and for that i do blame America. 

And if that wasn't enough to show America that they need to re-evaluate their gun laws, the devastating act that happened last night should be.

Walking to work this morning with the news of Christina's death still in my mind I opened my twitter only to be hit with another shooting. If you haven't seen the news today or looked on any social media you will probably not understand what I am going on about. Last night in Florida a shooter entered The Pulse Gay Club in Orlando and barricaded himself and hundreds of victims in the club and open fired. 

Reading about this, this morning honestly made me sick. I checked my phone throughout the day and the number of casualties just rose and rose and i got such a sickening feeling in my  stomach as the number climbed. This weekend was Gay Pride weekend in America and for this to happen on a night that was supposed to be so happy and full of pride is just so sad. 

The shooting has been labelled as the worst mass shooting in US history with 50 people dead and 53 injured and it honestly breaks my heart. Reading on twitter i can't even begin to imagine how anyone there felt, it just seems so unreal. I wish it wasn't real. 

The one thing that makes me feel more sick than the act itself if the reasons people are giving for it. One person said it was 'an act of god'. I was so angry. This was not an act of God, not in my eyes anyway. This was not something that someone who is supposed to be all loving and all caring would want. Personally i do not believe in God I never have and although i may not believe in God i know that for those who do, will not believe this is an act of god either. 

Over the past 48 hours alone 51 people have been murdered and 53 more injured by guns in Orlando Florida alone and those are just the people included in these two devastating situations. That's not even including other incidents that could have happened that we are unaware of. I just can't even begin to fathom how America can let this happen. How they can have such little awareness and precaution when it comes to guns and firearms. 

I can only hope and wish that the 53 injured victims of the Pulse Club shooting will survive, that they will go on to live long lives, that they will recover. Because none of them deserve this. Nobody in the world deserves to go through anything like this. 

I know that so many people out there don't  believe in Gay Pride or Gay Rights but i do. I believe that people are born gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual. I believe that we all have a predetermined path. Nobody decides to be gay they are born that way. Just like how you are born White, Black, Asian. It is a part of who you are and you should never have to hide that away, something that I know so many people will feeling that they have to do, to be safe, to survive. 

I can only imagine the pain that Christina's family and the family of the Pulse Club shooting victims are going through right now and i can only hope and wish that they make it through this hard time. 

I can only hope that America will now take gun laws more seriously. Please hug someone you love today. 

Thank you For Reading,
Love Soph xoxo

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